Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help Nova Help Others! (and new pictures!)

Hey all you animals lovers! I just wanted to let everyone know that I talked mommy into going ot this thing called "Bark In The Park" and its going ot be super fun (even if its almost flooding everywhere in Virginia!)

But But But!!! is not only fun we are also going to be helping animals by doing a walk! So I ask that if you can help out the Animals at the local Humane Society (of Chesapeek) I would really appreciate if you would help out our FUUUUURRY friends!!

We all go through rough transition in our lives and arent you glad you had friends to help you out or if you didnt.. dont you wish you DID have the help? Well here is your chance for these animals!

Here is my sponsor site if you can help: Help Nova Help Others!

On another note! Here are a couple picture Mommy took yesterday!

This is my crate. Its a grow with me crate!

Like it says... I just love Teagan's Bed!

My favorite place is the patio.. its really small but I love the
fresh air

Mommy seeing how tall I am.

I am getting used to this picture taking thing

This is me and my Mommy

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  1. Hi Nova - looks like you've been really busy lately! I can't wait to see a video of you doing LLW! :-) By the way, Hsin-Yi wants to say sorry that she still hasn't had time to do a Ask Honey post yet answering your question about Recall - I promise it will be the next Ask Honey post! - but she's just been so busy with work and trying to catch up on some of my older posts which need to done first. But she will try her best to find time to write it and have it ready for the end of next week!

    I just love that picture of you trying to fit into the little bed - ha! ha~!

    Good luck at your Bark in the Park event!

    Honey the Great Dane