Thursday, September 2, 2010

To The Vet I Go...

           Oh so today Mommy woke me up (which is out of the norm since I usually wake her up!) suppperrr early to take me somewhere! She made me learn to get in and out of the car all by myself already! I did really good and Mommy was really proud of me. Well when we got to were we were going there were lots of people and this lady made me step on this thing and then she said “WOWWWWW 27.5 lbs!” Who ever knows what that means, right?

         So the mean doctor man stuck some stupid thing up my butt and they were looking at my poo!! (How gross!) I hope they found whever they were looking for! But then he gave me a shot but that wasnt so bad becuase Mommy calmed me down and I didnt even cry… The WORST was last.. That man took some clippers to my beautiful nails! I couldnt even compose myself, I cried and cried and cried… no matter what they didn’t stop… so Im going to try and think of another plan next time.
         But anyways, the doctor told Mommy that the dots on my face were okay and that they were just “puppy Acne” which is what mom was hoping for. The doctor said it should be gone at about 16 weeks and that I will just grow out of it!

To keep you all entertained, here is a video of me at about 9 Weeks when Teagan stole my bed!

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  1. My sister's Boxer, Daisy, still gets those acne bumps on her face...and she's 3. Hopefully yours will just be through your puppyhood!

    Elyse and Riley