Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun stuff, Great Info, and New Challanges

Great Dane Books that Mommy picked up! (she is reading them
because they are all about me!!)

Two Different Dog Trick Books.

Some great little things my mom got at the book store!!

My second tooth (that Mommy has seen... this is why I have been sucha  brat!)
 Well everyone! I am trying to update more often so im sorry that I havent done a Wordless Wednesday in a couple weeks! Like I said, mommy is getting used to her new schedule (even though she is sitting in front o a computer all day)

So Mommy and I have decided what we are going to start working on!! soooo many things! so pay attention to the list below!!

List of things we are working on/have in que to work on next!


So Mommy wants to complete something together and we are going to do some basic and intermediate training and go for the Canine Good Citizen. If anyone or any pup has good info about the training for this please let me know!!!

We will also be working on the SMALL routine that Honey is showing us at the end of the video.. and when we are ready we will show everyone on here!!

http://www.dmantugs.com.au/challenges.htm- Next is the Slow Dane Challanges! We are not
following along with the current challanges right now because we would like to start slow and at the beginning! If any other danes would like to join in click on the link! They actually do challanges that you submit a video for and then
they judge!

I KNOW I KNOW yall are all saying that this is so much for a little puppy like me! BUT, its not like im going to be learning all these things in a day.. or even a month!! but I will be stimulating my mind many times throughout the day since mommy cant walk me or take me to the dog park until after she is done with her class each day!!

Along with these tricks we will work on tricks that are in the books that mommy just picked up! But for now we are working on the first Dane challange which is heel pivoting! I am on my 5th session and doing great with pivoting but need work on heel pivoting.. I just LOVE to be in front of mommy instead of beside her!!


I DO NOT own rights to this photo. Please visit http://bighoneydog.com/2010/10/bellabook-possum/
to see Honey's page! 

Honey the Dane and Hsin-Yi have been suppperrrr busy working the on the new Ask Honey about Recall methods. So go check it out because its completely amazing!
I was reading this and watching the videos and am just in Aww at how much she is helping Nova with her obedience!

I have to admit we started fun games like I just start running and she chases me. (she absolutly loves that!!) Then I tried the "non real life" and made her sit/stay and I went to hide.. and I said "COME" and nothing... so I peaked around the corner and she was just staring at me and sitting very properly... Guys, you ask why she didnt come?? I have an answer for you... I Taught her Sit (and that means sit until I say RELEASE.. so I do NOT use the word stay.. its just automatic with a sit) so it seems I have hide, then say "release" and then say "come"!! haha. Nova is such a smarty!

So we will start working with the long lead and going to a boring place and not the Dog Park like I have been!
and Honey, I will have a video of me showing my recal off as I get better and better!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Learning New trick AND Meet my boyfriend "Patton"

Hey Everyone!! I have so much to update you all on but for tonight im going to leave it to TWO pictures and a VIDEO! So this is Patton my Viszla boyfriend... Yes yes I know I am bigger than him!! but still I love him and he is my best friend. He is only 1.5 months older than me so we get along so well. I dont think he understand why im getting so much bigger than him so fast though! Anyways. We love to go to the bark park together and also go on long walks in new and fun places!!

Secondly... I randomly did a cool trick for mommy today and supposidly its something that she actually wants me to do so shekept teaching me and now I know how to "kind of" pivot from "front" to "heel" positions. And mommy and I swear that I was doing this trick perfectly until she turned on the camera.. but near the end I get really good again. Mommy was so happy with me that she started tearing up!! I seem to learn tricks and obedience quickly so she is super proud! Anyways here is the video!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a Dane and I CAN Fetch!

Sooo..... Mommy has something to say....
MY DANE CAN FETCH!!! I dont care whateveryone else says!!

So when I got my Dane EVERYONE on earth told me I would never get my dane to fetch.. but guess what all you nay-sayers (not sure if that is how its spelled our or whatever).... Nova CAN fetch and she is getting pretty good at it!!

I guess cant listen to everything that people tell me... (that is a no brainer)

I do have to say though.. that from the beginning.. everytime we pass by some one on the street or whatever, they always want to give me advice on my Great Dane yet they dont have one of their own and therefore never researched the breed.. Well boo on you on all those people who dont know what they are talking about (which is NO ONE on bloggie world!)

So we are so glad Nova is having fun with all her fetching!! I hope that she keeps with it and wants to Fetch forever!! We will see!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuffie Presents!

Teagan excepting a present!

Nova excepting her gift and showing her old retired stuffy!

Hey everyone! So mommy has had some weird stuff going on lately. First we recieved a gift and it was an awesome christmas tree orniment and soon after we found out mommy's Aunty sent this to us!! (How sweet right?!!?)
Well I bring that up because it seems someone sent us what looks to be like a Halloween gift. We got a small and a large log doggy mummy!! They are super squeeky and super amazing!! These are absolutly our favorite toys!

I dont know who to thank for these or where they came from.. but I wanted to say thank you and I hope that we will find who gave these to us so we can thank them personally!! 

So Me and little sissy got wonderful stuffie halloween gifts and we are very happy and thankful!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Absolutly Need Some Help!!

Hey Everyone!! I 100% need your help!

IF you dont know about great danes one thing to learn is they EAT A LOT! So the Navy Exchange is doing a contest for cute pups, cats, and other small animals! And it would help out SOOOOO much if you could click on the link and click "like" for the Navy exhance page and then "Like" Nova's photo!

The winnings are moneys at the local Navy Exchange and we could REALLY use it right now since I am not working as of yet (yes yes crappy economy!)

Anyways I would 100% appreciate your help and any of your friends help because we ACTUALLY do need the money for Nova's feeding habits!

Link to Page: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/NavyExchange
Link to Nova: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/photo.php?pid=39723510&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=11466589572&id=23215104

Remember: FIRST "Like" the Navy Page (you can unlike when youa re done voting" THEN "like" Nova's picture. BOTH links are above!!

we appreciate it sooo sooo much!

ALSO, IF she wins we will BE DOING A GIVE AWAY!! We will use random drawing and get a wonderful healthy treat for your furry friend!! So help Nova!! (So dont forget to leave me a comment saying to voted!)

Also if you have a lot of followers, please let your followers know that Nova needs some help to buy some bags of food!! the more votes she gets the etter chance at getting more high quality INNOVA food!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I want to be Rebellious

Okay so today was an extremely bad day!! Mommy took me on a walk and I did horrible!!!! Then I was bad in the house all day unless I was napping. Then I went on another walk with my doggie friend Patton and I made mommy even more mad.

(and as mommy is typing this up for me I am not put away in my bad spot because I was just bad AGAIN!!!!)

I dont feel like listening to mommy at all today and I want to ignore every word she says... so that is exactly what I did.. Mommy said that if I have another day like this I am going up on Craigslist.org.... (she was joking though)... Anyways.. today was a bad day and mommy cant wait until its over!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Trick-And-Treat Time!

Hello all! I am so sorry I havent been around much lately. My mommy started training for her new job and she has been too busy studying some nights. So today I am 18 Weeks old today so I am slowly making my milestones! So since I have missed so much I am just going o post a video of me that mommy made last night! I hope you all enjoy!

(a lot of the tricks that you see in this video are inspired by Honey the Great Dane)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long time no Bark!!

Hey Everyone.. Its me NOVA.. I just really wanted to show off a picture of my sissy, Teagan, today!! Isnt she a super cute pup? Where ever we go she still gets all the attention because everyone cannot stand but love little tiny tiny dogs. Mommy tells me she still has never seen a Chi smaller than my sissy and I havent either! People are suprised to know that she is almost two years old and so small!!

But anyways.. more about me! Life has been calming down since all of my friend's humans are back to work and in school and things.. So mommy and I get to go on lots of long walks alone and we have to do a lot of stopping and going.. she says its something im doing and so she makes me stop.. have any of you other pups heard of the word "pulling"? I am trying to figure out what that is.. but everytime I do it mommy makes me stop and then when I gain focus we get to start walking again. Mommy has been doing so much better with me because she has realized that I cant know everything and get everything the first try (especially walking with all these cool things aroudn!!) I am sure she always know this but she just needed to get a handle on it!

So, yesterday I saw these little tiny humans and I absolutly hated it! do you know what im talking about pups?? CHILDREN... Mommy knows that I need to meet a lot of people and see knew things but mommy doesnt know a lot of these children people.. I dont know what makes them so different but I dont like them much. Im super shy around them and I freeze up and just chill out beside mommy (even in the bark park with all my puppy friends). Mommy needs a little help you guys, so if you have any advice for her on how she can get me to like these little tiny people.. please let her know all about it! She knows that she cant force me to like them and that she shouldnt reasure me when im so scared but she needs help! She has tried letting the children feed me treats and by the second time they fed me treats I wouldnt even take them I was so scared!!

So lastly, (since this is so long) The Bark in the Park event was put off due to rain and it will be on Oct 24th! So thank goodness mommy is still going to take me.. but she wont be able to take Teagan ( sad face) because she cannot handle us both without daddy here. (Daddy is on a huge ship sailing around the ocean doing his job with the Navy) So... mommy is super upset about it.. but she does feel like I need the socialization and it will get me some major exercise.

So that is all for today. I am still hasseling mommy to put up more videos of me on here! So Sorry she hasnt done that yet!

(oh and PS... Check out the "About Nova" Page to see my growth!! im almost 18 weeks!!)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Snugglies, New Treats, and Honey the Dane.. OH MY!

 Hello All!! So tomorrow is the BIG FUN Bark in the Park day tomorrow! I really have no idea what we are doing there yet but mommy says we are going to be able to meet a WHOLE BUNCH of Great Danes and Many Many other breeds! She seems more excited than me but tomorrow im sure my tail will be wagging too!!

EcoPure Nautrals Dog Treats

Okay so secondly my mommy brought me home these wonderful yummies today and wanted to know if anyone else has tried them. She bought three different kinds: Rasberry Pumpkin, Apply Peanut Butter, and Papya Cranberry. We would first really like to know if someone else has used these and what they thought of them.
For what I think... I LOVE THEM!!! They are soo soo yummy.. I always want one and when im not eating one I am thinking about when mommy gives me another one.. And and and.. guess what!!!?!? I COME WHEN MOMMY CALLS ME with these treats! and not just anywhere.. but even in the Dog Park that is at our house even when doggies are in there playing with me! Can you believe it?!?! I think this treat is really helping mommy because she was getting super upset that she couldnt get me to come when she called me.. She usually has to wait until another puppy run back to the top of te dog park and then I just follow along and mommy gets me! So we love these!


Honey the Great Dane!
Writing by my Mommy, Kailin not Nova!

I DO NOT own this photo. Photo was taken by Honey's Human!
Check out her site at Big Honey Dog if you havent checked them out yet...

So I am pretty sure I dont have to introduce who this is but if you are not as into Great Danes as I am then maybe you dont know Honey the Dane and her Human Hsin-Yi. I first found Honey on youtube when I was looking into getting a Dane and lets just say... Honey and her Human had me sold on getting a great Dane. I watched all her videos before I adopted my baby dane Nova. I really got interested in clicker training and just learning how to give the best life to My Dane, My Chi, Hubby, and Me by having a well behaved Giant Dog.

So anyways that is my intro about my absolute favorite Dane and absolute Favorite Blogger/youtuber. I enjoy all that Honey and her Human do together and appreciate everything that they do for the doggie community asking all the crazy questions that we have and they take the time to answer..

But the whole reason I brought this up is because I have to admit something! I am not into famous actors and actresses and celebrities.. BUT... Honey and her Human are my equivelent of celebrities! (and I think they are in this community). I get all giddy when they post a new blog and when they come over to my channel and help me out and just check out what is going on with Nova.
So Honey and Hsin-Yi, Thank you so much for all you do!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I am the Triple-3 today!!


I was reading a cute blog..Sally's Blog... on a sleeping contest so I am going to enter too!! It looks super fun and I have some great sleeping photos!!

This is my picture entry for Sally's Sleeping Beauty Contest... Arent I a beautiful Dane!?

So this is my photo that im entering.. dont I look super silly???

If you would like to enter it ends super soon so go check it out HERE.

This is not the photo for my Sleeping entry (Well'
no your right im not sleeping in this photo!!) So check out
below for my entry into Sally's Sleeping Beauty contest!

Hey pup lovers! I justed wanted to start out by saying im the BIG 3-3-3.. If you dont know what that is well its a bunch of threes.. and supposidly my age today is 3-3-3 and Mommy says that is her favorite number so today is supposed to be a good day!

I have a couple subjects today.. so here we go!

1st... Mommy is teaching me some more loose leach walking and she found a great little training session on youtube that she loved so much because it is working with me! (I am pretty good about LLW already but I have my moment and when there are distractions then I gett a little "Zoomy". So here is the video she saw on Loose Leash Walking.

2nd.. Im learning a lot of new tricks and refining on all of the ones I already know.. I dont see why, I think im pretty perfect but mommy says we need to work on some things. I am mostly working on Targeting and hopefully Mommy will have a video up about targeting soon!

3rd... I will be going to my first Dog Party this weekend! Its on Sunday and Mommy says its called "Bark In The Park". There are going to be some super fun stuff going on and you can see what we are doing on the link! We are also doing a dog walk for the Chesapeake Humane Society so if you would like to help sponsor us you can sponsor me HERE. Anything helps and the animals would super appreciate it!

Alright so I think that is it!