Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help Nova Help Others! (and new pictures!)

Hey all you animals lovers! I just wanted to let everyone know that I talked mommy into going ot this thing called "Bark In The Park" and its going ot be super fun (even if its almost flooding everywhere in Virginia!)

But But But!!! is not only fun we are also going to be helping animals by doing a walk! So I ask that if you can help out the Animals at the local Humane Society (of Chesapeek) I would really appreciate if you would help out our FUUUUURRY friends!!

We all go through rough transition in our lives and arent you glad you had friends to help you out or if you didnt.. dont you wish you DID have the help? Well here is your chance for these animals!

Here is my sponsor site if you can help: Help Nova Help Others!

On another note! Here are a couple picture Mommy took yesterday!

This is my crate. Its a grow with me crate!

Like it says... I just love Teagan's Bed!

My favorite place is the patio.. its really small but I love the
fresh air

Mommy seeing how tall I am.

I am getting used to this picture taking thing

This is me and my Mommy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy 16 Weeks Old To Me!

Okay so First, this picture! I know it looks like im just stretching but im actually doing my "Thank you" trick and not looking at mommy.. But I did get a treat! Mommy always tries to take pics of me doing my tricks but she cant always get them on camera because she is doing to much at one time! so she finally got this picture!

Second, Mommy took me on a super long walk today! it was so much fun! We have a park (little play ground and basball field) right beside our home and it has a 1.3 mile paved sidewalk around it. So we did that and then we went around the lake that is across the road from our home. And guess what?!?!!? I did awesome at loose leash walking!!! I do have these zoomie moments but momy thinks its from changing from one kind of ground to another.. but I do great on pavement!!

and lastly today I have started sleeping in mommy and daddy's room on the floor near them! I really really love it because I can be in there with the family and I dont cry when the alarm goes off in the morning! Mommy said its just a trial run but I dont wake up or pee/poo or chew on anything. Mommy still gates me up in a small space so I cant make a mess just in case I wake up but she says im doing well!

Well that is all for today!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy Cuddlies and "Head Down" Video

15.4 Weeks Old
Alrighty! So when I first introduced Mommy and Teagan there were only two doggies following me so here is a picture of Momy and Me that Daddy caught on camera! If you can tell I am actually on the couch.. which is a totall "no-no" but mommy just couldnt help herself.. Mommy actually thinks I dont even remember getting up on the sofa with her because I was SOOOOOOO tired because I havent even tried to get on the couch. So I hope everyone else is having a happy-snuggly Monday!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I learned something new!

This was me at 12 weeks.
 Hello Bloggy pups!! Time for another update! So after finally joining Danes Online Forum I found out that I am NOT aloud to be on Large Breed puppy food and mommy found a place near by that sells Innova Dog Food...and Innova is only one of the very few Large Breed Puppy food that I am aloud to eat.. so.. Mommy scratched the other two foods off the list and is going with Innova.. for Nova! yay. She was really upset to find that she has not been feeding the best kibble she could for me but other Dane owners says I still have time and not to worry too much.

Oh one fun thing we did was learn a new command! Mommy taught it to me yesterday and it only took ONE ten minute session! My gosh! I love when I learn things fast because then mommy is so so proud of me. So I am really good at "targeting" things. If mommy says "touch" then I touch with my paws and if mommy says "mouth" I nose the object. So mommy watched a youtube video on teaching me to do the "head down" command. Mommy doesnt say head down though.. she says "are you tired" and she has a hand command for me.
I know that I should be able to do a command with just mommy telling me what to do but I understand hand gestures SOOOOOOOOO much faster and mommy doesnt mind since we will never be doing any kind of show work. We will get into a bunch of tun obedience classes and such but mommy is really impressed that I can do all my obedience and tricks with just a flick of the hand and she doesnt even have to say a word!

So anyways.. I will get mommy to put a video up tomorrow OR soon showing you my "are you tired" trick!

Until then.. I hope all are well and wagging tails!


Friday, September 24, 2010

I had a BAD DAY (Please read! Need a little advice!)

This was last week but we loved it so much that we got mommy to pick this one!
I know, I know Fridays are supposed to be the best day of the week but this Friday was not good and mommy was not happy with me today!
First I had a really bad night in my crate. I woke mommy up twice and she has been getting no sleep already so she was really upset with me. She ended up coming out and sleeping on the sofa so that I would stop crying and go back to sleep. So we woke up at 8am like always and I got to play in the bark park for a little while.
Later on mommy had to clean the house so she had to put the baby gate up in the living room and I didnt like that either!! I cried and cried and cried and cried.. Even though I had all my toys, my bed, and my crate... So mommy tried to do some training with me to get me to like the living room by myself but it didnt work. So I stressed out mommy with that too.
Later on that night we went to the Bark Park to hang out with all my buddies and I wouldnt stop eating sticks, licking dirt, and sticking my nose in poo... and mommy gets really mad because she calls my name I dont look at her at all...
Lastly.. (hopefully)... I usually go to the door and let mommy know that I have to peepee or booboo but tonight I just went to the door and peed (even though I had just gone out and peed 2 hours earlier!)

So as you can tell I had a really bad day and mommy was not happy with me at all. Something you should know about mommy, she is NOT the most patient person but she has gotten really good with her patience since I came into her life. BUT when I have days like this mommy just doesnt know what to do or how to not be soooo angry!

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am an extremely busy Pup!

First of all, this is NOT me sitting in my sissy's Bed!! No matter what mom says or what ths looks like that is not it.. but if it was.. I have to defend myself! Mommy and Daddy get up at 4am every morning because Daddy has to go to work at 5am so I do some crazy tired acts between 4am and 5am! Okay okay.. So today I went to the Vet and the ladies there were in AWWW at me! They told mommy that I am VERY well trained and that she and I were doing great with training! I also went to the pool today (I of course didnt get in but I got to see what it was all about and eat some sticks.) Oh and we have so much fun on our nightly bark park fun and walk. We walked with six other dogs today and we had so many people comment on how many dogs where walking int he same group! What can I say? we are very likeable!

Lastly, Mom has been posting weekly progress photos in the "About Nova" page so that everyone can see my weekly progress in growth! Alright that is all!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Long Hikes and Sissy Update

Hey Pups and animal lovers! I had to update you (even though mom hasnt taken pictures in a week and I have done so much!!) Today we went on a LONG hike with my friend Duke and his mom Lisa. They live next to us and we hang out a lot. We do a lot of training together (as far as loose leash walking). So today Duke came over and wanted to know if we wanted to go to the local park that has hiking trails, and of course I wagged my tail and grabbed my lead! It was right down the road so I know mommy appreciates that! The hike we went on was about 3 miles long and it was around the Resevoir that we cannot swim in (thank God! I hate water!!) For most of the hike mommy  had me on my lead to teach me loose leash walking even though I was sooooo excited at all the new smells but near the end she let me off the lead and I stayed with her BETTER when I was off my lead than if I was on it. If she stoped I stoped, if I even got 5 inches ahead of her side I stoped and came back! Mommy was super proud of me but super nervous (she calmed down after I proved to her that I was a good walker) And dont worry dog lovers, Mommy would never do no leash walking in public or around any roads!

On another note, Teagan, my sissy, is now acting funny and mommy thinks she is sick now. She doesnt know what it is because she is on all her preventions and doesnt think that she could have gotten the round worms I had a week and a half ago. Mommy did switch her food to soft food because she was not eating as much since I joined the family. Mommy knew Teagan couldnt resist the yummy wet food but today when she didnt eat she got nervous. She also wouldnt eat any treats, no human food (she doesnt ever get human food but mommy wanted to see if that would tempt her enough to eat something), and she didnt even get excited when mommy said "Teagan, Lets go Bye Bye in the Car!".... So Mommy might take her to the vet with us tomorrow to see if they could look at her.. OH yeah oh yeah.. and mommy took her temp and it was not too high.

So that is all for today!! My 15 week old pictures will be up tomorrow to look out for them!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mommy finally put a video together of most of my tricks! (This video was made at 14.4 weeks old) I know a lot of you Great Dane owners will notice that Mom taught me under-the-leg-tricks.. Dont worry.. she knows she wont be able to use these forever and I am learning alternate things for when I get older!! But anyways, these are most of my tricks. Mom says she is trying to put together my obedience training in a video but its harder to do because its all around the house and we train in "real life situations" and not in front of the camera in the living room.. But she is working on it pups!

I hope everyone has a GURRRR-ate Sunday.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

That Dog looked like my Mommy!

This is me "waiting". Mommy makes me do this A LOT but is keeps me
safe.. she says.

Haha! So yesterday during Doggie Bark Park time I saw a doggie that is as big as my Doggie Mommy! Wow she was huge just like my Dog Mom! She looked like a really big Dalmation, mommy said that is a "Harlequin Great Dane". She lives right across the street from us and she has a brother that is a Blue Dane. Mommy said she knew they lived right there but the owner doesnt bring them out to play with all the smaller dogs in the Bark Park.. Which makes me sad. We hope we see her again because Mommy totally forgot the camera! I went right up to Leah, that is the Harlequin Dane, and we sniffed noses. Then she went over to My Mommy and leaned her head against mommy's leg like she knew that mommy loves Great Danes. She is a really sweet Dane! So sorry I dont have pictures but if we get to play with them again we will take pictures!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Socializing as a Puppy makes for a great Dog!

So the bark Park is so much fun! Mommy takes me out to the bark park every day when it gets cooler before bed time and there are about 9 other dogs out there to play with. I am the youngest out there but im getting a lot of socialization in! Here are a couple pictures!

This is Marley. He is 6 months old.

Happy at the Dog Park!

This is Patton. He is my "boyfriend" and he is a 5 month old pointer

Here is me with the Gentle Leader.. Waiting for a treat!

And last but not least.. Here is Sissy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Dog Food That I Can Live With

Good day all puppy lovers and pups! I just have a really quick update. Mommy is deciding on the brand of food I will be put on and she needs your help!

As you can see the first choice is Wellness Large Breed Puppy Brand. As most of you know its now at PetsMart and its also listed as a preferred brand on the All-About-Great-Danes site!

So here is the second brand and it is also recommended from then All-About-Danes Site. It is not sold at PetsMart but mom can buy it online the Pet Food Direct Website.

Right now I am on Natural Choice and Mommy found out soon after she bought it that its not as good for me as she thought. She has had a rough time finding a food for me but she is getting there with more research! Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know and ask for your opinions on these brands if you know about it or have tried it out yourselves!

Any opinions or reviews are greatly welcomed!

Wordless Wednesday #3

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am way to cute for words!

On my Back Porch! Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, and I live in a small
apartment so we spend hours outside throughout the day

So today has been better and I havent been acting "Sickie" today. Mommy gave me a d-wormer from the pet store yesterday and I seem to be doing better. Mommy plans to keep up with my d-worming since the vet was not helping her at all! Oh and she told me that I have to go get some shots soon!! Ekk! a Rabies shot... I am not looking forward to that!

Here is a picture of Sissy trying to play with me. I just bat her with my huge paws and she just tries to bite my lip! Mommy yells at her when she does that but I have learned how to grab her collar with my mouth and I get in BIG trouble for that..

Lastly, here is a close up that Mommy took of me! People have been telling me and Mommy that I have a brownish tent to me.. and mommy didnt believe them until she saw this picture today. What do you all think?

Oh I forgot! Just as a side note for everyone! For all the products that Mommy has me on or lets me use they are on the "Dog Product" page. If its food I have included the ingredients to show you all what I eat and then reviews for what me and Mommy think of all the food, treats, toys, and other things that I have used. I hope you all enjoy that section of my blog!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Sickie... Again!

Well today I have some good news and bad news.. which one do you want first?

Okay the good news!
- Today Mommy thinks that I finally caught on to going to the door to tell her I need to go potty. (Mommy never taught me to do this; it was just an instinct that I had because I know when I leave that door I get to go potty) So mommy was so so proud of me.

Now for the bad news...
- When I got outside I pooed out lots and lots of roung worms... Which means my deworming did NOT work and mommy is super upset. Not at me, she just gets really upset and stressed when I am sick. So Mommy said tomorrow we have to call the vet and see if I can go get some medicine (again). She said is really angry at the vet because they should have done more when I was sick the first time. The first time I was really sick with worms. The worms got into my lungs so I was throwing up and not eating so it scared mommy really really bad.
Now mom has noticed that in the last couple days I look super skinny again (like the first time I was sick) but she thought it was due to a growth spurt... Boy, was she wrong. When she went to feed me this morning I didnt even want to eat! can you believe that? So once I went outside and mom saw all the worms she put all the signs together... So I had to take some pill that is supposed to help kill them but I still need to go to the vet...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Daddy is home!

At Great Grandma's house introducing myself to a wind chime!
So Daddy is home! I have been so so busy getting to know my PaPa bear. Mommy said he was away on this thing called a "ship" because he is in the U.S. Navy. Mommy sometimes gets sad when he is gone so she has been in a great mood, which is good for me, since daddy has been home! I have also been socializing so much. There is this park right out side our door called "The Bark Park" and lots and lots of dogs come out to play in the evening time before bed. Mom said its really good for me to meet lots of pups when im young. I will have pictures of me playing with them soon but mom keeps forgetting the camera! But dont worry, we play EVER DAY so one of these days she wont forget the camera. So, when I am away from my blog I am getting to know daddy. Mommy seems to be teaching him how to care for me and how to train me.. which I dont much care for, so we are super busy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have been so busy!

I really have been! Mommy has taken me on so many adventures lately! I am now sitting beside Mom in my own house again. If you all don't know.. Mommy got me on a Sunday and we left on this really really long car ride to my GG's house (that is my grandma) and we were there for a really long time (4 weeks) and then before we came back to my home we went outside for a long time and slept in this portable house thingy (Mom says its a camper and that we were "camping"). So after camping I got to ride in the car again a very long way just to find out we came back to this house I was in!

Shwew! I had a really really good time but I am so calm now that im in my own home again. So I want this to be a short bloggy day so I will be back tomorrow to tell you about some of my adventures! Until then check out these B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL pictures of moi!

Sissy's foot next to mine!
This is me at almost 13 weeks old. I am still gaining weight and making up for when I was sicky!

I LOVE camping!

Wordless Wednesday #2

Thursday, September 2, 2010

To The Vet I Go...

           Oh so today Mommy woke me up (which is out of the norm since I usually wake her up!) suppperrr early to take me somewhere! She made me learn to get in and out of the car all by myself already! I did really good and Mommy was really proud of me. Well when we got to were we were going there were lots of people and this lady made me step on this thing and then she said “WOWWWWW 27.5 lbs!” Who ever knows what that means, right?

         So the mean doctor man stuck some stupid thing up my butt and they were looking at my poo!! (How gross!) I hope they found whever they were looking for! But then he gave me a shot but that wasnt so bad becuase Mommy calmed me down and I didnt even cry… The WORST was last.. That man took some clippers to my beautiful nails! I couldnt even compose myself, I cried and cried and cried… no matter what they didn’t stop… so Im going to try and think of another plan next time.
         But anyways, the doctor told Mommy that the dots on my face were okay and that they were just “puppy Acne” which is what mom was hoping for. The doctor said it should be gone at about 16 weeks and that I will just grow out of it!

To keep you all entertained, here is a video of me at about 9 Weeks when Teagan stole my bed!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

(Nearly ) Wordless Wednesday...

Okay so I have seen so many Doggies do this same thing.. so I am just going to start posting a super cute picture of me every week. Mommy is super good at taking pictures almost daily!! Here we go. (Oh yes, and Ill tell mom that if we want to keep people interested in this sort of thing we need to get some good crazy pictures going!!)