Sunday, September 26, 2010

I learned something new!

This was me at 12 weeks.
 Hello Bloggy pups!! Time for another update! So after finally joining Danes Online Forum I found out that I am NOT aloud to be on Large Breed puppy food and mommy found a place near by that sells Innova Dog Food...and Innova is only one of the very few Large Breed Puppy food that I am aloud to eat.. so.. Mommy scratched the other two foods off the list and is going with Innova.. for Nova! yay. She was really upset to find that she has not been feeding the best kibble she could for me but other Dane owners says I still have time and not to worry too much.

Oh one fun thing we did was learn a new command! Mommy taught it to me yesterday and it only took ONE ten minute session! My gosh! I love when I learn things fast because then mommy is so so proud of me. So I am really good at "targeting" things. If mommy says "touch" then I touch with my paws and if mommy says "mouth" I nose the object. So mommy watched a youtube video on teaching me to do the "head down" command. Mommy doesnt say head down though.. she says "are you tired" and she has a hand command for me.
I know that I should be able to do a command with just mommy telling me what to do but I understand hand gestures SOOOOOOOOO much faster and mommy doesnt mind since we will never be doing any kind of show work. We will get into a bunch of tun obedience classes and such but mommy is really impressed that I can do all my obedience and tricks with just a flick of the hand and she doesnt even have to say a word!

So anyways.. I will get mommy to put a video up tomorrow OR soon showing you my "are you tired" trick!

Until then.. I hope all are well and wagging tails!



  1. Nova, you are such a smart girl! Glad to hear you're going with Innova. That's what I feed Riley (but she's not a large breed...) and I love it.

    Elyse and Riley

  2. We started Darwin on Innova Large Breed Puppy food for a few months til we found out she shouldn't eat any kind of puppy food. We then switched her to Innova Large Breed and now switched her to Prairie.

  3. Ive just heard that no puppy food is good for Danes, even large breed food because technically Danes are GIANT breeds. Darwin ate it til she was about 6 months old before we switched her to the large breed adult food.