Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh My Barks, It Snowed!

Just like the tite says! it snowed last week. Yes, yes.. this video is supet late but mommy said the computer box was not letting her share this video with everyone. So now the computer decided to let me put it up! So check out the fun things you can do in the snow!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Being part of MAGDRL (Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League)

And Oldie But Goodie
 So this picture is all the way back from Septebmer but it was cute and im not sure if I shared this with my bloggie doggie friends!

So anyways, on to the topic!

I took mommy over to PetsMart today because we were doing another SantaPaws event (remember that post from last week with santa and me running out into the parking lot) Yes, well I wanted to give it another shot.

No, I didnt gonear santa but I got to walk around the store with Mommy showing off all my cuteness! Mommy got to talk to people about Great Danes and how awesome it is to rescue a doggie like me! Yes, I know your saying.... "Nova your not even a rescue pup"... Mommy understands that but she says that she loves me so she would never want to change the fact that she got me from a breeder but that she didnt know about rescues and things before she got me. Mommy says that my next brother or sister will be a rescue Dane but that is a LONG time from now..

Anyways, the exciting part is that I was so well behaved last weekend and this weekened at the MAGDRL evens that they invited me to be a Great Dane ambassador for the Rescue! The really nice lady said that I was so well behaved that I was a good pup to show off how awesome Great Danes can be! So that was so fun and exciting because mommy always tells people how awesome I am but hasnt been able to tell you about people telling her how well behaved I am..

(on a side note I get really nice comments from people saying my temperment is great and she is so focused)

So we are so excited to be a part of a group where Nova can go out and strut her stuff!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowy Pictures... A TOTAL MUST SEE!

 So mommy took me out side today because it was snowing super hard out and I got to play for 2.5 hours!! Can you believe it!?

She snapped some great pictures of me (although all pictures of me are beautiful.. RIGHT?!) I even took some pictures with my Santa hat!
 Oh a NEW and suprising thing that has never happened... My slobber thatI shake and it lands on the top of my nose.. well that stuff gets super cold and freezes into ice in just like 5 seconds!! But I didnt seem to mind!
A close up of my slobbers!

 I was totally trying to play in the snow by now so I was a little distracted but mommy just loves all the pictures of me in the snow!

 My mommy LOVES this picture because she says its a great picture of what a Dane actually looks like! She was so happy when I she snapped tis picture!
 I even listed to mommy and laid down in the snow!! Mommy thinks im getting really good at my basic commands.. I mean look, I can perform them in the snow. Do that make me a pro yet? OMB's im so funny!
Do you see my big ol lip waving in the wind?!

Well Everyone.. Merry Early Chrismast!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry.... URRRrrrR... Christmas

Okay, so I THOUGHT Honey The Dane talked mom into just photo shopping some hats on my head but Mommy has just gone to far!!

How come nothing comes in my size?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scary Santas, Snowy Days, Presents, and a Play Date!

Okay so the last couple days have been very eventful!


This past sunday I went to a picture with santa event that supported the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue, Sothern VA Chapter. We had so much fun but I got in big trouble. It was totally not my fault and mommy should have known! I HATED santa!

I jetted out of the PetsMart door into the parking lot... I was soooo sared because a BUNCH of people were running after me.. but ONLY mommy knows how to get me back.. and you know how mommy knows? OF COURSE, Honey's human taught me.. If mommy wants to get me back then all she has to do is run away from me and make funny noises.. So that is EXACTLY what she did (thank god we had tons of practice in the bark park before that day..) It was super scary and im sooo glad there is no more Santa!

Here is my HORRIBLE picture.. its the BEST one.

Okay so now that that embarrising moment is over on to more fun things!!!

I got to se a whole bunch of snow well no not a lot, but it ws my first snow so I thought it was a whole bunchies!

So how did you like that?! didnt it look like I had fun? I know I know it was only  couple seconds but I did some good zoomies off camera! Here ae a couple pictures!

I know it looks like I hated the snow.. but really I just hated standing still and not playing!!! URR dang ol mommy trying to take pictures!

Okay so Next.. (sorry this is a LONG Post!)

I got a Package from my gift exchange! OmB it was super excited!! My FIRST EVER package in the mail!

So thank you to my wonderful Doggie Bloggie friend who sent this to me!!! I had sooo muh fun that I even put a couple holes in the card :(... Mommy was not tooo happy about that but it was MINE right!?

Okay so LASTLY, I had an awesome Doggie Play Date with my new friend Apollo the Chocolate Lab... I know mommy is not that great with action shots but she was getting to know Apollo's mommy more. See Apollo's Mommy is also a "Navy Wife" and his daddy works on the same big shippie thing that my daddy works on.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Being a (somewhat) reliable pup!

Alright so today we wanted to show you the "Reliability" video that we did that was based off of Honey the Dane's video. She and her human worked on some basic commands with her human in funky positions (why our humans subject us to these weird things I will never know..)

So this is just a couple seconds of the video because I didnt want to bore all 5 of my viewers!

Check out Honey and her Human's video on Reliability: Honey & Her Human!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I am 6 Months Old.. (and I have a beautiful new Collar!)

So this past week I turned 6 months old! I was Born on June 7th 2010 and I am growing up so fast (even though my mommy thinks im tiny!)

Anyways,this is a picture of me licking my lips right after my first bowl of Taste of the Wild.. Yes, my mommy finally picked out the right food for me after spending months and months of research time and time on the DOL forums.

Taste of the Wild is the most crunchiest food I have ever had so its super messy.. mommy might even start feeding me outside!
 So this is me with my FIRST Martingale style collar. Mommy gave me this for my 6 month birthday and she got it from a wonderful sweet lady that makes them and has a Dane of her very own.

Mommy is super picky about collars so Ximmy's mommy sent my mommy a message and told her to check out her collars.. so  mommy did and she fell in love with this red and black one.

If you want to get a Martingale Collar I would Suggest Ximmy's Mommy at Collar Craze. They are made out of he most amazing material and me and mommy absolutly love this collar! She also ships for free in the USA and the shipping is extremely fast. I was so shocked to get it only a couple days later and before the weekend!(Please let her know that I refered you if you ever purchase from her!)

(Click Banner to go to her website)

 Mommy just wanted to show you pups this lovely picture that she took of me yesterday. I was NOT into taking pictures last night but mommy insisted on taking pictures of me!

Mommy was working with the lights that we had in the house to try and get a great pictre of me... but im thinking ay picture of me is great! What do you think?

I think I look super Cute!

OH and lastly, Be looking out for 2 videos that mommy will be putting up. I learned a new trick and mommy wants to introuce herself!! so they will be up super soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My First Christmas Parade

Alright so im going to try and keep this mostly pictures so that you pups dont have to read much

BUT... On December 5th, 2010 I was i my first Christmas parade and and and... it was to help get the word out for the Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League (MAGDRL) here in Virginia. There were a total of 8 Great Danes that came and of course... I was the SMALLEST..

There were a couple more youngster pups but ill get to them in a second!

Mommy was super nervous that I was going to be absolutly horrible because I am so skiddish sometimes and I dont like kids.. (I run and hide if I see them).. Well once I saw all the other Great Danes letting those scared looking tiny people touch them I thought "What the Heck.. It cant be that bad, Right?" It was like I was a seasoned pro at letting kids touch me, although mommy didnt let any of the children touch me during the parade because about 50 hands came at us at a time. After the parade is when I got to socialize with these tiny people. They weren't as bad as I thought!  

In The Car waiting!

Okay so Mommy is such a worry bug and has to get to every event like 5 hours befoe it starts.. and of course she did it again.... BARK. I hate hate hated standing in the cold for 3 hours waiting for all the other danes to show up, but once they did I was completely into the whole groove of this parade.

Mommy saw a European Looking dane at the parade and said that she was super beautiful too... but sadly she left before the parade started and mommy didnt get a photo.. :(
Okay so on to the Danes.. Because I KNOW you want to see who I got to                     meet!                                      

Harmony (7 Months Fawn)
  Harmony is a 7 month old Fawn Female and Mommy fell IN LOVE with her. Mommy says that her next Big doggy will be a Fawn Dane, but that wont be for a very long time (but maybe we will get one down the road so I have another dane in the house to play with)

Harmony was super skiddish but look at her sporting that hat like a pro! Everyone thought she was super adorable, could you possibly be human if they didnt?

Nova- 6 Months
Oh Oh Oh this is when we get to talk about me again!

So you see the collor mommy made  me wear? This parade was a last minute thing so we just got the cutest one they had at pets mart.. But mommy will know for next year I need to be prepared with cuter looking collars for Christmas!

Leah: 3 year old Harliquin Female

This is Leah. Leah is a 3 year old Harliquin female who was rescued by her wonderful new parents. She was hit by a car and had surgery. She has also had puppies so she had to get fixed right after he leg was operated on. She has been through a whole lot and now enjoying her forever home with her brother dane Loki.

Loki: 4 Year old Mis

This is Loki, Leahs Sister. Loki is a very large (compared to me) mis marked Merle Dane. He is supppperrrrr sweet. leah and Loki are the two danes that live in the next building over from me where we live. Thir mommy works for a pet resort so they get to play a lot and do lots of fun events.

Loki is one of those normal dogs that is not good with leash greetings and great off leash playing in the park. His parents are super smart about doggie personalities and knows that this is a common and okay thing. (Read Honeys Blog to get the full understanding of the on leash greetings). I absolutly love talking to Leah and Loki's parents becasue we have a lot of the same views.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Soap Boogers!

 Okay Okay.. So I am not the Great Dane with the highest IQ on the planet but Soap Boggers are soooooo Yummy!

So this is what happens when I get involved with my mommy's bath time.. Supposidly bath times are for relaxing but ... I, Myself, have never had a relaxing bath, So I dont know what mom is talking about!!!

Can you see my soap boggies on my nose?
So this is what I always look like when I get into these awesome soap boggies! You can control the sent of Lavendar and vanilla?!?! I know I cant! Yummy!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dancing, Parades, and Danes on my!

Hey everyone!!

So mommy (and I ) have been busy lately!

We are finally working on the Doggy Freestyle Started that Honey and her human showed us. If you havent seen it go down a couple blogs and you will see the video from Honey and her Human for the small freestyle dance!

Mommy took me to petsmart yesterday so I could suit up for the Christmas Parade on Sunday (Dec 5th). You will get to see it super soon. MOmmy is a little worried that everyone will call me a "he" because I wont be wearing pink... but I still get called a "he" everytime even when I am wearing pink.. dumb humans, im such a pretty GIRL!

Oh so in this picture I look super tiny.. Mommy just doesnt know how to show off my good sides! But she weighed me today and im 74 pounds!! Wow. I am still pretty lanky but will gain weight as I grow I guess!

I also got to play with the two full sixe danes that live across the circle from me! They heard we were going to the parade and they are actually going ot be in it too, so they came out to play! Their names are Loki and Leah. Loki is a dark Mis marked Merle (he looks like a darke blue male from far away but when you get close you can see the dark spots) and Leah is a rescue Harli. Loki is super huge (but his mommy says that Loki is not even big compared so some danes we will see at the parade!!) So yes they were super fun to play with!

Lastly, Mommy started a Virginia beach Great Dane Meet up Group. We will be doing our first meet up in early january so if you are near Va Beach or know someone please let them know!  I would love to play with a bunch of great danes!!! Here is the link: http://www.meetup.com/VABeachDaneLovers/ . We currently have 4 members including me. We have three coming to our first meet up because the fourth doesnt live in VA Beach yet!!!

Alright thanks so much for catching up with me again!!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Early Holidays!!

Well its about to be Holiday time and mommy is informing me that that is when times get super busy for everyone!! (Even for me!!)

So I have a lot going on (supposidly) and mom says she needs to by me my own calenar book!

I have two events going on right now:

Dec 5 2010: I am going to be in my very first Parade! Its called a Christmas parade but as you all know I have neve even heard of this word yet so I guess I will see what that is soon! I am going to be walking with a bunch more Great Danes to promote how awesome rescuing a dane would be because we are awesome dogs! (I Know I know.. I was not a rescue but we can still help out our rescue friends!)

Dec 12 2010: I am going to meet a whole bunch of Great Danes in Richmond, Va! This also has to do with the same rescue that we are hanging out with at the parade except this is all PLAY and no WORK!! yay. Hopefully I wont be the SMALLEST there... but mommy says I probably will be.

As for "ringing in the new year" I will be starting my first obedience class in January or February because its close to where we will be moving! Mommy wanted to wait beause there are not a lot of places around where we live except for petsmart and she would rather do some training in a little more professional atmosphere. Also, the training club that we are going to join leads up to Good Citzen and you all know that is going to be in my future! So we are so excited about what is to come when we start out the new year.

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (and those not as lucky to celebrate it in other countries... beg your humans for some turkey!!) Christmas is right around the corner and I cant wait for that silly thing with all the lights on it to be in MY HOUSE.. so I can play with it (that will give someone for mom to do!!)

Till next time,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh Me Barks... I am so sorry.. MIA!

Hey everypup!! O-Me-Barks! Dont be mad at me be mad at my mommy for not helping me out and telling you all about my crazy adventures lately!! Mommy has been so so busy with her new job.. and she really shouldnt have an excuse because she works at home. She asked me to just bare with her because its new to her so she will get back on all this doggy bloggin!!! I am so happy that she is helping me out tonight...

Unfortunitely since mommy has been so busy you pups havent missed much in my life.. Although I did get this new HUGEEE bed just for ME and its amazing and I spend most of my day being super lazy when im in the house!

I have lost many many many of my teeth and it hurt so much when they came out. It would always happen when I was chewing on my toys and mommy would hear a POP and there came a loose tooth! but my mouth has stopped acting up for a bit and no toothies and hurties have been happening in a long while!

OH oh oh, I HATEDDD getting my nails clipped but mommy finally buckled down and clicker trained me to do my nails and now they are so much better, and guess what pups.. its not even that scary its like going to a salon and getting a pedi but its personalized with mommy giving me lots of treats!!

I have gotten used to my crate almost 100% now.. Mommy and Daddy still here me sometimes when they are coming back into the house and they are wondering what im fussing about but I am just a little lonely when they are gone!

OH and HUGE news!! Mommy and Daddy got us a new house today.. (its really an apartment) but its HUGE.. and partly just because of MOI! haha. I cant wait to go rule the town in out new place! and and and.. you want to know the exciting part?!?! there is a Harli there!! I cant wait to play with another Dane! Mommy said we are going to be living right next to them and that he is really sweet.

OH but it just gets even better... There is a huage park on a hill in VA Beach callled Mount Trashmore and its supposed to be super pet friendly.. so we will see. Mom says its really nice and close to the house and that I will be able to meet lots of new pups as long as they are nice and well behaved.

Okay so that is all for now! I will see everyone sooner.. rather than later!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Am So Shocked!

Okay so today I found out that one of my great and amazing Bloggie Doggie friend gave me an award!! This is my very first award in the doggie bloggie world so dont mind me... I may be a bit nervous!

So I do have a couple rules when it comes to winning:

Here are the rules of the Doggie Bloggie Award:

1) Thank the person who gave the award and link to them.

So, Thank you SO MUCH Muphy!! I think you are a super amazing Dane!!

2) Name 10 things about yourself-creative, weird, enticing, whatever.

1. I just really really really love to eat sticks when im outside. Mommy doesn't like it but I sneak a chew randomly sometimes ;)

2. I really love clicker training. We learned everything we know from Honey the Dane and her human and mommy has me on fast track to being such a well mannered obediently trained pup!

3. I super love when my mommy takes bubble baths because then I can gulp up a couple sips of that hot water before she tells me know!! (but then she does this super scarything where she blows these huge white airy things at me and they float in the air.. but they taste yummy.. again.. until mommy says stop!)

4. As Ia puppy I didnt not get run of the house. Mom and I think this is super important and it really helps out with potty training and other trainings that need to happen in the early stages when needing to be around your pup whenever we are not in a crate or in a play pen.

5. We have the awesome and amazing "Bark Park" right out side my door. Mommy lets me play with dogs EVERY SINGLE DAY.. arent you pups jealous?! I have made so many great friends because we get to play or go for a walk every day (unless its raining)

6. I am a super duper smart puppy. Mommy thinks I have got to be the smartest puppy she has ever been around. Most of the tricks that you see mommy and me do only take me about 5-10 minutes to really get them down... and mommy is super proud of that. But But But!! now we are starting to do some challanging tricks so it takes me a LOT longer to learn them. (like pivot heeling)

7. I am super scared to go poo in the dark (oh how imbarrasing!) but I just feel like someone is going to creep up behind me and get me! So those latenight poos or the early morning poos are not as enjoyable as the mid day ones!!

8. I am almost loose leash walking on my regular leash and not my Gentle Leader. I HATE that Gentle leader but when I start zooming or not paying attention to mommy during a walk then she puts my gentle leader back on. :(

9. I really like listening to mommy and when daddy is gone for lots and lots of days im such a good pup but when daddy returns I like to step into the kitchen and jump up on him. Mommy tells daddy he needs to play the "bravo" role with me and make sure im the "zulu" role while mommy stay the "alpa" in the house.. Who knows what that means

10. I am super excited to start obedience trials at some point in the near future. We are moving soon so we have t get settled in the new place first and then mommy can find a great trainer to do a begginer or intermediate course with me.. but needs to find a great trainer who can test me out before putting me in the beginners class or intermediate.

Wow that was super hard to come up with 10 things about me.. Sorry that a lot were about training!!

3) Award 15 doggie bloggers-whoever you think deserves this regardless of whether they are old or new.
Honey the Dane
Life With Big Dogs
Okay so I know I had to pic 15 but im still new the community and dont have a bunch and bunch of doggie bloggie friends yet! so here is 5 of my favorite doggies!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Winning, Trick, and a Fire in the House

Well me and sissy had a long long couple days.

First ill tell you about the fire! Mommy was cooking and she was using a super cheap pan and it caught on fire with some grease in it. The fire got really really big and poofed up to th ceiling and then went out. While all this was happening I ran out the front door and ran to the bark park all by myself! Mommy was so scared with the fire and me running out the door that daddy finally ran outside and got me back. The neighbors all helped too. Mommy now knows that its time to make a fire escape plan because she has two important little ones to take care of if something happens. Its really easy when its just mommy and daddy but when me and sissy are wondering around the house it gets a little hectic in an emergency situation.

So if you all don't know mommy is going through fertility treatments because she cant have babies unless a lots of doctors help her get pregnant. So she has been on these medicines that make her really upset all the time and I dont know what to do but lick her face when she starts crying. She crys a lot but she says its no big deal and its only the hormones that the doctors have her on. She trys and stays calm with us but when we do something wrong she doesnt even get mad right now.. she just cries! but dont worry Pups! Mommy is in high spirits!

We are also working on some tricks for everyone! I am on my 6th session of Pivot Heeling and im doing really well with that. Mommy is a little confused at what to do when I dont have a target but she thinks its only because we need a LOT more time with the target. (which is a little weird for mommy because I usually catch on to tricks and obedience within thefirst 2 sessions) We are also working on a SHORT and EASY dance routine and its not really like Honey's at all! Mommy started with that concept but dumbed it down for things that I do better than the original things she put together! So we thank her because we will still be using the song and the short counts of this routine. I hope to have that up in the next 2 weeks!

Oh and Lastly, about winning! I told all my bloggy doggy friends about the contest I entered to get free food for me and my local shelter friends!! Well it turns out I am now in first place. There are only three or four people that voted but some people didnt comment when they voted. So if you voted for Nova on facebook for the photo contest please let me know again in a comment under this post (please!)

oh mommy has been hard at work in her office here at the house.. but I just wanted to let you know who gets to sit up on the desk with her!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun stuff, Great Info, and New Challanges

Great Dane Books that Mommy picked up! (she is reading them
because they are all about me!!)

Two Different Dog Trick Books.

Some great little things my mom got at the book store!!

My second tooth (that Mommy has seen... this is why I have been sucha  brat!)
 Well everyone! I am trying to update more often so im sorry that I havent done a Wordless Wednesday in a couple weeks! Like I said, mommy is getting used to her new schedule (even though she is sitting in front o a computer all day)

So Mommy and I have decided what we are going to start working on!! soooo many things! so pay attention to the list below!!

List of things we are working on/have in que to work on next!


So Mommy wants to complete something together and we are going to do some basic and intermediate training and go for the Canine Good Citizen. If anyone or any pup has good info about the training for this please let me know!!!

We will also be working on the SMALL routine that Honey is showing us at the end of the video.. and when we are ready we will show everyone on here!!

http://www.dmantugs.com.au/challenges.htm- Next is the Slow Dane Challanges! We are not
following along with the current challanges right now because we would like to start slow and at the beginning! If any other danes would like to join in click on the link! They actually do challanges that you submit a video for and then
they judge!

I KNOW I KNOW yall are all saying that this is so much for a little puppy like me! BUT, its not like im going to be learning all these things in a day.. or even a month!! but I will be stimulating my mind many times throughout the day since mommy cant walk me or take me to the dog park until after she is done with her class each day!!

Along with these tricks we will work on tricks that are in the books that mommy just picked up! But for now we are working on the first Dane challange which is heel pivoting! I am on my 5th session and doing great with pivoting but need work on heel pivoting.. I just LOVE to be in front of mommy instead of beside her!!


I DO NOT own rights to this photo. Please visit http://bighoneydog.com/2010/10/bellabook-possum/
to see Honey's page! 

Honey the Dane and Hsin-Yi have been suppperrrr busy working the on the new Ask Honey about Recall methods. So go check it out because its completely amazing!
I was reading this and watching the videos and am just in Aww at how much she is helping Nova with her obedience!

I have to admit we started fun games like I just start running and she chases me. (she absolutly loves that!!) Then I tried the "non real life" and made her sit/stay and I went to hide.. and I said "COME" and nothing... so I peaked around the corner and she was just staring at me and sitting very properly... Guys, you ask why she didnt come?? I have an answer for you... I Taught her Sit (and that means sit until I say RELEASE.. so I do NOT use the word stay.. its just automatic with a sit) so it seems I have hide, then say "release" and then say "come"!! haha. Nova is such a smarty!

So we will start working with the long lead and going to a boring place and not the Dog Park like I have been!
and Honey, I will have a video of me showing my recal off as I get better and better!