Monday, February 7, 2011

Missing My Papa!

Hey Every Pup! So today I just wanted to drop in so everyone doesnt forget about me too too much! I appreciate all the comments even though mommy has kept me away from my bloggy so long! Those are true friends right there.

So Today is just a short update to say I am working on some more clicker training and hopefully I can get mommy to do some videos soon. She hasnt even been on my youtube in AGES! But now she is getting back into clicker training more and will record it.

Oh and I figure you all would enjoy the picture above! Whenever I super miss my papa I get to put on his hat! Mommy is so nice to share with me!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 8 Months... (OKAY ALMOST!)

Well Every-pup! I am so close to 8 months I can taste it!I have done lots and lots since I came to mommy and Ill talk about that in a while when Im a year old!
Mommy seems to think im going to be a smaller dane in height.. (Or maybe she thinks im small because she is amazon woman!) haha. Mommy is no  Hsin-Yi!!! If yall dont know my mommy is 5'8" which is like WAYYY taller than I am so my back only comes up to her mid/high thigh right now. The last time I stood on the weigh machine I was only 84 pounds but that was long long ago. So mommy thinks im around 90-96 pounds and we will find out soon!

 This is Teagan and Me being nice sissys and snuggling up! Mommy says daddy would really enjoy this site and she is sad that Daddy missed it. I told her that its alright because Look, we have it on camera! and he can see that forever!

 Oh this was a couple days before! Look how nice we are to each other!!! Teagan really has lifted her spirits  now that daddy has been gone for a few  weeks. She was so down in the dumps and it was making mommy teary but now Teagan is crazier than ever and even playing with toys again!
Oh and mommy had to get all professional and take a pretty picture of Miss Cutie Pie! haha. If yall have never noticed before I have an extra tiny white spot on my neck and you can actually see it in this picture. Everyone comments on how beautiful my big white spot on my chest is but never comments on the little things!!! haha.

Well that is all for now every-pup! Its time to get ready to go to the big huge doggie park and see all my dane friends!! (yes another meet up!!) Mommy has been busy planning them and even raising money for the Great Dane Rescues!!! So if your ever in the area let mommy or me know because I would LOVEEE new playmates!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Daddy left me... and I had another fun weekend with more Danes!

Well to start... My Daddy left me! He has been gone for like ever ( Jan 13,2011) and mommy says he is on this huge floaty thing on the ocean for a long long time. She says that we cant give him huggies or kissies for a long time and mommy cries about it. So I have to keep her happy with a bunch of huggies and kissies myself. My sissys teagan is really sad and she just sits on the top of the couchy do all the time since daddy has been gone. Daddy and sissy are very close so its understandable.

While daddy is away mommy is doing lots and lots of fun things with me to keep ME and her busy!

1st: I started obedience training. We have learned sit, stand, heel, come, and down. Mommy is getting used to the way the lady teaches the class but its fun to see all the other pups there learning. I hate that I cant play with them... OH, and mommy sucks, she makes all the doggies stay away from me while training.. There is this rotty that his human doesnt pay attention and lets him wonder right over to me and mommy gets MAD! Oh Oh OH, the trainer even said that I had GREAT potential but Mommy actually needs to work on her handling and then i could be a great catch in the training/obedience world. WOhooo!

2nd: Mommy has been taking me to these events with lots and lots of Great Dane pups and dogs. The last one there were 13, yes 13 great danes!! Arent you all jealous?! See mommy hosts the Meetup.com group for VA Beach Great Danes and there are already 20 members and some have two or even three Danes that come out and play! So that is why I have been away so long, I have been playing!

Well mommy is starting to work (not at the house anymore) soon and she is also going to be going to school (and she wants to graduate with honors) so she doesnt know how much she will be on here between school, work, and daddy being gone (so that means she does all the work that she used to only do half of because he was here!).. but she will super try to stay up on my bloggy.

OHHHhhHHH... one of the biggest newsies ever! Mommy isnt putting me in my crate anymore! She lets me control the living room area while she is away and when she comes home I havent messed up anything! (she thinks I mostly lay there on my comfy bed while she is gone... which is totally right!) So I dont have to be locked up in my crate anymore!! woohoo!

Well that is all for now Sorry about the long update!! Enjoy a couple pictures from the past meetups below!

Playing Tug Tug with My friend Apollo

Spreading my wings at a large dog park In
Chesapeake Virginia (1-16-11)

Large GD meetup in Norfolk, Virginia

Drinking out of the bird bath on 1-29-11

Mommy says I look like Dobby from Harry Potter.
Is it true?
Spreading my wings at a small dog park in Norfolk, VA

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 1st Ever Virgina Beach Great Dane Meetup!

Hey doggie bloggers! Thanks for coming to check out my bloggy again!I have been super busy lately and wanted to share awhole bunch of pictures of my fun weekend with a whole bunch of other great Great Danes!

 We Spent Sunday playing with a bunch of Great Danes because mommy put this great group called The VA Beach Great Dane Meetup Group. You should check us out if you are near us and come out and play!

But before everyone got there we were able to take some great pictures thanks to Mommy's new camera and the PETA dog park! You should check their park out as well!

I was having so much fun smelling stuff that smelled so good that even had to lick my lips! Its been two weeks since I have been able to really run off leash and smell all the doggie goodies on the bushes!
 The park also had this ledge and ramp for all the dogs that wanted to jump in the water. Well it was way to cold and you couldnt get me in that water if you threw a 10 pound floating steak in there! But is sure made for good pictures.
Can you see how tall I am getting? Mommy still thinks im pretty small but I seem to be in the "Standard Range" still.
So the meetup last about an hour and a half and went so well! We played for a long time and although me and another dane ran into each other once and I cried, the meetup was so fun. I got to play with all kinds of squeeky toys that mom brought and I played keep away from some of th other pups!

So this is Galelio. He is a 2 year old Dane and he happen to be the biggest dane at the meetup. Doesnt he jsut look like a big ol' sweet heart!? He followed mommy around while she was taking pictures and then when mommy would snap a picture of him he would throw is ears back!

So these are sisters (just in the same family not blood) The tan female is Stormy and the Blue Female is Sierra. Seirra is 1.5 years (I believe) and Stormy is 1 year old. Stormy is extremely tall as you can tell next to her sissy.
This is Loki. He is the Fawn Male that was also at the MAGDRL meet an Greet. He is only 8 months and one of the tallest danes there. Mommy fell in love with him but I told her I am still the center of attention and she cant bring home a Fawn Male just yet!
Here is Loki again. Can you still see that big ol' puppy face on him!? Mommy says that she thinks fawns are the ones you can really tell their age especially when they are young because of their blag mask and just puppy features. Can anyone else tell that too?
This is Seirra running around having fun! This is what we were ALL doing!
And this is Apache again. I talked about him in my last Blog about the MAGDRL meet up. He came out and met everyone that day too. Apache is 7 months old and a seet boy with a ton of energy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

MAGDRL Meet & Great Today!

Wow today was so jammed packed with fun I just had wayy too much fun with my mommy and new friends! Mommy took me to the local petsmart to meet a whole bunch of Great Danes! (those are doggies just like me!)

So to spare you all the details Ill just get to what everyone wants.... THE PICTURES!! (with mommy's new camera!)

In order. Nova, Noah, & Camo. Rocking out our Rescue vests!

Oh Oh this is me!


This is sweet Play Boy! I am not sure of his age but he was
a rescue that has been adopted by his great parent and just
a sweetheart!

I do not remember her name but look at this face!
 Isnt she just gorgeous?! She photographs so well!

This is Apache. a Spit fire 7 month old Merle (I would think
with mantle markings right?)

This is Loki. An 8 month old Fawn

This is Camo. A 7 Momth Old Rescue

This is Wilso. A 17 Month old "Lightly Marked" Harli.
(He is Deaf but has vision in both eyes)

This is Camo. A Current 7 month old Rescue!

All in All I had so much fun! We raised awareness about Great Danes, how much the MAGDRL spends each month on all of them and what it takes to have one of these loving animals! It took all of mommmy to not end up bringing another playmate home for me! I had to tell mommy that all the attention needs to go to me anyways!
We cant wait to do more events with the MAGDRL and just become part of the family (and take lots of good pisctures!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My sissy is NOT a good picture taker..er!

 Okay okay.. so I have been wanting to tell you doggies this for a while so I finally got mommy to help me out!!

My Sissy is the WORST picture takerer ever!! She can NOT sit still.. See for yourself..

Here I am trying to look pretty by the Tree on Christmas and Teagan just cant keep her jelly bean butt still!

 Then Mommy is trying to take a cute picture of us together but Teagan start rolling over... She ALWAYS does that!

 Then Mommy always tries to get a cute picture of sissy sitting by daddy but she pets her head down RIGHT as the camera does its clicky thing and takes its picture.. so mommy has a billion pictures of sissy's ears and the top of her noggin!

Then Here I am.. AGAIN.. trying to lay here pretty and take a picture with Teagan.. and as SOON as mommy snaps the picture Teagan moves...

What is her IsSuE!?

Oh and here is a super classic and this happens.. ALL... THE... TIME...

Teagan cant stand being away from mommy so she runs up to mommy when she puts the camera upto her face... URG?!

Lastly... Mommy said this one was actually kind of cute... but what the heck!? Where if half of her head?!!?

Sissy needs to get with the program!

Okay Okay.. mommy has to include her say so here ya go..

Teagan can actually take some cute pictures, its just we have to take at least a million to get one good one.. Where as nova ill stay still for a lot longer and we get multiple good pictures. BUT, here are some good shots of teagan.

Teagan: VA Beach Janary 2011

Teagan is such a daddy's Girl: Christmas Morning 2010