Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 8 Months... (OKAY ALMOST!)

Well Every-pup! I am so close to 8 months I can taste it!I have done lots and lots since I came to mommy and Ill talk about that in a while when Im a year old!
Mommy seems to think im going to be a smaller dane in height.. (Or maybe she thinks im small because she is amazon woman!) haha. Mommy is no  Hsin-Yi!!! If yall dont know my mommy is 5'8" which is like WAYYY taller than I am so my back only comes up to her mid/high thigh right now. The last time I stood on the weigh machine I was only 84 pounds but that was long long ago. So mommy thinks im around 90-96 pounds and we will find out soon!

 This is Teagan and Me being nice sissys and snuggling up! Mommy says daddy would really enjoy this site and she is sad that Daddy missed it. I told her that its alright because Look, we have it on camera! and he can see that forever!

 Oh this was a couple days before! Look how nice we are to each other!!! Teagan really has lifted her spirits  now that daddy has been gone for a few  weeks. She was so down in the dumps and it was making mommy teary but now Teagan is crazier than ever and even playing with toys again!
Oh and mommy had to get all professional and take a pretty picture of Miss Cutie Pie! haha. If yall have never noticed before I have an extra tiny white spot on my neck and you can actually see it in this picture. Everyone comments on how beautiful my big white spot on my chest is but never comments on the little things!!! haha.

Well that is all for now every-pup! Its time to get ready to go to the big huge doggie park and see all my dane friends!! (yes another meet up!!) Mommy has been busy planning them and even raising money for the Great Dane Rescues!!! So if your ever in the area let mommy or me know because I would LOVEEE new playmates!


  1. LOL I love that pic of you two playing together!
    I just realized that you are pretty close in age to my puppy Tibby. I'm having a guessing contest over on Tibby's blog to see how big Tibby will be at 1 year old. Of course, she is a little shrimp next to you!!

  2. Wow, Nova sure is growing up! She's got that teenager lankiness...or it looks like that in the first picture. Riley was all skinny and lanky like that for the longest time. She's just now finally starting to fill out, but she's almost two. How old will Nova be when she stops growing? It seemed like Riley stopped growing in height when she was around 9 months old, but she's a Cattle Dog and I'm sure cattle dogs and danes are totally different!

    By the way, tell Nova she looks beautiful and that we love her little white spot on her neck!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Nova, the pictures of you with Teagan are just precious! I love that you can be furiends despite such a vast difference in your size.

  4. You sure are adorable no matter how big you get
    Benny & Lily

  5. Well, Nova - Hsin-Yi wishes that she was more Amazon Woman like your Mommy! (at least she would be able to reach things on top shelves in supermarkets!!)

    Anyway, I always think that even a smaller Dane is a BIG doggie - hee! hee! Have you met my friend, Lucille the Great Dane, in Italy? She is a smaller Dane too - but so beautiful & glamorous & stylish! (well, she is Italian, after all!)

    Love those pictures of you with Teagan! Happy 8 Months Day!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. Hsin-Yi says she hopes your Mommy is feeling a bit better now and not missing your Daddy so much.

  6. Very cute pictures Nova :-)You look very pretty!
    And your size doesn't matter at all, you look fab just as you are !

  7. Hi There!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope that we can become good furiends!

    Hoppy Easter!

    woo woos, Tessa

  8. Nova, we love the photos that you shared. We hope you enjoyed a happy eight month celebration together. Thanks for sharing the fun blog post. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals