About Nova

Okay everyone!! So here are just a couple pictures showing my growth so far.

7 Months (Jan 2011): 

Neck:  16.5 Inches
Chest: 32 Inches
Stomach: 22.5 Inches

Height: 30 Inches

Length: 43.5 Inches

Weight: 84 lbs
Wow! Sorry I havent update this in sooo soo long! Anyways. So much has happened since the last time I updated about me! I am getting pretty big now. As you can see I am getting a bit taller and I am 84Ibs!! Yikers! (Dont worry I am watching my figure!) My family moved away from our home recently and now we leave in such a fun place! I have lots of room to spread my legs and run around and we also get to go to the ocean lots too. Mommy also started a meet up group that way I have lots of Great Danes to play with (I have heard her say its more for her than for me.. its rubbish!) I start training classes this weekend and im shaking in my boots a bit. I am not sure what to expect and I guess I just need to go out there and show my stuff!

22 Weeks: 

Neck:  16 Inches

Chest: 30 Inches

Stomach: 20 Inches

Height: 28 Inches

Length: 34 Inches

Weight: 70lbs

Well since the last time I have updated you all I have grown a whole bunch! All my dog friends now have to look up at me rather than down. I can step over all of them and I dont know if I even notice the change yet! I do wonder why mommy tells me to be super careful with young puppies that are super tiny now.. It seems that I am too big and I could trample them over with my massive feet! I have lost most of my teeth and now I started my drooling (which mommy loves). I am doing good with loose leash walknig as long as its just me and mommy but when others get involved then I act up a bit so I dont get to go walking with my dog friends right now..

19 Weeks:
Neck: Inches

Chest: Inches

Stomach: Inches

Height: Inches

Length: Inches


So first let me say sorry in place of my mommy because she is not keeping up with my growth at all!!! Sorry pups!! but Im going to get her to really work on this! As for this week My teeth have been falling out left and right! It really hurts and some days I am acting like a totaly jerk, but can you blame me?! I am also getting to go on a lot or walks on my regular leash and not my Gentle Leader! (I really hate that Gentle Leader!!) When I want to pay attention to mommy I am really learning so much!
18 Weeks:
Neck: Inches

Chest: Inches

Stomach: Inches

Height: Inches

Length: Inches
Weight: 50 lbs

So This week I have been sort-of extremely rebellious with certain things. I have been learning so much though. Mommy is working with me in and out side of the house with tricks and obedience. My walking is gone backwards and mommy is getting super frusterated. Other than that there is not much to update on! 

17 Weeks: 10/05/2010

Neck: Inches

Chest: Inches

Stomach: Inches

Height: Inches

Length: Inches

Weight: lbs

So this week I have been focusing more on my leash walking and havent worked much at all with my tricks in doors. Mommy is working on me outside on a couple of tricks just to see how much I focus and pay attention to her with distractions going on around me. I am also learning the "Kikopup" Method to "Stay". Its basically the "Down" Command and not getting up until mommy says "Release". I am coming along with it very well inside but I need a lot of work outside. Mommy is also trying to get me to do more tricks and obedience without treats and that is frusterating for me. I am switching to Innova Puppy Food For Large Breed Puppies this week. Mommy has to drive over an hour to get it but she says its way worth it for my health. That is about it for this week, like I said in my blog we dont have too much going on other than walking on the leash a lot to get me used to walking with a Loose Leash.. (Oh yeah and my daddy is gone for three whole weeks on his big Navy Ship.. Which makes me sad!!!)

16 Weeks: 09/28/2010

Neck: Inches

Chest: Inches

Stomach: Inches

Height: Inches

Length: Inches

Weight: lbs

Well I don't have much to update on this week. Mommy has been teaching more tricks and obedience and cleaning up some of the ones that I have already learned just to sharpen them. Oh actually I have been doing something this week that I havent before! I have been coming to Mommy when she calls (most of the time). I am also walking on a loose leash (again most of the time) in areas that im used to. I dont know what is sooo good about being so close to mommy, there are so many more exciting things I want to run too!! (but im sure mom has a reason!) I got my rabies shot and am done with all my puppy shots (finally). The vet told mommy its almost time to get me "fixed" whatever that means... So she said probably November that I will have to stay away from the bark park for two whole weeks!! urr! so mommy will have to take me on lots of walks! That is all for this week.

15 Weeks:

Neck: 13 Inches

Chest: 24 Inches

Stomach: 18 Inches

Height: 22 Inches

Length: 28 Inches

Weight: 37.5lbs

Okay so today I am 15 weeks old! (09-22-10) I have done so much this week! I have gone on different kinds of walks (around lakes/parks) and I even went on a 3 mile hike. Mommy is getting more comfortable leaving me alone for a minute or two and not worried that I will make an accident on the floor. She said its been a week and half since I made an accident in the house and she is super excited! I am excited to because we get positive time outside and I get to stay outside longer when I pee and booboo outside! Oh yes.. Mommy also took me to a "Beach" on the river and I hated it! Duke, My best friend, was splashing in the water but I hated the sand, the water, and everything that went along with it! oh I also go the last of my puppy shots and also discussed my puppy acne. Looks like I have a little sensative skin but the vet said it MAY go away about 16-20 weeks old. Thank you for reading!

14 Weeks:





Shwew! I am 14 Weeks old today (9-14-2010). We are back at my original home and no longer at my GG's and PawPaw's House. I really like my home because there is a dog park here! YES, right out side our door. I also have a "boyfriend" and his name is Patten and he is a Pointer. (dont worry Ill get pictures soon!) I have learned so many tricks that mom says are more "obedience" than tricks but I dont care.. Because no matter what I get treats if im a good girl! Soon I will get mommy to do a video of all the tricks I know!

13 Weeks:
Neck: 12 Inches

Chest: 22 Inches

Stomach: 16.5 (Same as last week)

Height: 19 Inches

Length: 28 Inches


So I am a whole 13 weeks today! I am becoming such a big girl! I am socializing so well with other puppies and humans. I need to get better about socializing with children though. Mommy has taught me so many tricks. I can: Sit, Lay, Up, Back, Bow, Shake, High Five, Wait, Come, Sit/Stay, and some other obedience like waiting for my food, waiting at the door and gates. I am good with playing with small dogs and I love playing with sissy! Mommy is teaching me to "Heel" whatever that means... I just know I have to walk really close to her and when I dont she stops me and we have to wait! UR!!

12 Weeks:

Neck: 11 inches

Chest: 21 inches

Stomach: 16.5 inches

Height: 18.5 inches

Length: 26 inches

Weight:27.5 lbs

I have been super busy this week!! I have been growing in large amounts.. (well mommy thinks so but I know its normal) I have been learning to heel this week so my legs are getting lots and lots of exercise! I get to go to the vet this week to so mommy can talk to the Vet Man about my spots on my face. Mommy says that I have a couple big ones and it smells when she fixes them. GG says its acne and I need some Keflex (my litter sissy just got on this medicine too) to clear up my acne! I cant wait until mom stops worrying about my pretty face!

11 Weeks: Wow!! Look at my pretty shiny coat! Mommy put me on Purina and my coat looks great. But she keeps talking about this expensive food that I have to get on and she said maybe soon I can start eating this raw meat! People look at mommy weird and tell her to ask my vet but I know she will research and do what is best for me!! (P.S. look at my pretty new color that “pops” pink because of my black coat!)

10 Weeks: I am learning to play frisbee and this thing is not fun unless its turned upside down so I can grab it with my teeth. Georgia is really hot so I have to drink plenty of water here! Oh, can you tell my legs have almost doubled in length since Mommy and Daddy came to get me!

9 Weeks:

Weight: 15.7 lbs

Now I'm over being so sick. I'm eating regular dog food. Here I just woke up from a nap so im super tired still. But mommy has this huge camera that GG is letting her use; Mommy says it takes really good pictures of Me, but I think im just beautiful anyways.

8 Weeks: Mommy and Sissy and I went all the way to Ga in one trip. Daddy left a day after I got to my new home. But Mommy took me to meet my GG and PawPaw and we are having so much fun. These plants are my favorite to sit and lay in. At first it upst mommy but GG said they have to cut them next month so GG didnt care that I smooshed them!

7 Weeks:

Weight: 11 lbs

This was the day I came home with my new Mommy and Daddy. I even met my “Little"-Big Sissy Teagan (The Chihuahua). Mommy couldnt get a good picture of me because I was tired but she also didnt know I was sick. From 8 Weeks-10 Weeks I was a sick puppy with a bad case of round worms. Mommy was really scared but im all better now and Im just trying to gain some much needed weight!