Monday, January 10, 2011

MAGDRL Meet & Great Today!

Wow today was so jammed packed with fun I just had wayy too much fun with my mommy and new friends! Mommy took me to the local petsmart to meet a whole bunch of Great Danes! (those are doggies just like me!)

So to spare you all the details Ill just get to what everyone wants.... THE PICTURES!! (with mommy's new camera!)

In order. Nova, Noah, & Camo. Rocking out our Rescue vests!

Oh Oh this is me!


This is sweet Play Boy! I am not sure of his age but he was
a rescue that has been adopted by his great parent and just
a sweetheart!

I do not remember her name but look at this face!
 Isnt she just gorgeous?! She photographs so well!

This is Apache. a Spit fire 7 month old Merle (I would think
with mantle markings right?)

This is Loki. An 8 month old Fawn

This is Camo. A 7 Momth Old Rescue

This is Wilso. A 17 Month old "Lightly Marked" Harli.
(He is Deaf but has vision in both eyes)

This is Camo. A Current 7 month old Rescue!

All in All I had so much fun! We raised awareness about Great Danes, how much the MAGDRL spends each month on all of them and what it takes to have one of these loving animals! It took all of mommmy to not end up bringing another playmate home for me! I had to tell mommy that all the attention needs to go to me anyways!
We cant wait to do more events with the MAGDRL and just become part of the family (and take lots of good pisctures!)


  1. Awesome pics, Nova! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself with all the other beautiful Danes.

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Cute! So many cute young Danes! We just met an 8month old Fawn at the park this weekend. Darwin had a great time chasing her around!

  3. Mom always loved great Danes. What a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  4. Looks like you had fun! We are sorry that we couldn't meet up with you when our cousin was here. But you might have seen them at the beach! Noah liked the beach, but not the waves. It was just too cold for him.

  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. The meet and greet with all these wonderful danes looks like it was so much fun. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
    World of Animals