Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh My Barks, It Snowed!

Just like the tite says! it snowed last week. Yes, yes.. this video is supet late but mommy said the computer box was not letting her share this video with everyone. So now the computer decided to let me put it up! So check out the fun things you can do in the snow!


  1. What a good wait, Nova!! You're such a pretty girl and your black fur looks stunning against the snow!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Oh Nova you are having way too much fun in that white stuff!! You are so cute
    Not naughty, but nice,
    Benny & Lily

  3. Wait just a minute - You SAT in the SNOW??? Oh girl I gots to teach you, Danes don't like to sit, let alone in the SNOW! Are you sure you gots great dane in you cause I think you are behaving a little to well. Please tell me you destroyed a dog bed or something it will make me feels better.


    woof - Tucker

  4. Hello Nova and Teagan! We are darn near neighbors! We live in Norfolk.
    And we have a Great Dane cousin named Noah and a Chihuahua cousin named Noodle. They live with two Pomeranians named David and Sheba. AND THEY ARE COMING ALL THE WAY FROM NEBRASKA TO VISIT! They will be here in 10 days!
    Our mom plans dog events and she's worked with the MAGDRL folks. They are awesome. Mom volunteers with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue.
    If you come to Norfolk, look us up!

  5. miss nova!

    did your hiney get cold sittin' in that snow?? you sure a good girl to do that!
    i like how you were tryin' to do zoomies and nom all the snow at the same time. heehee!!

    the booker man

  6. cute! you make some very big doggie footprints in the snow!

  7. You're going to be busy with all that moving!
    We saw that you're going to have a meet up at the Peta park. That's a nice park with two sections. You might want to use the section that's further from the building, if you think there might be an issue or you just want to have Great Danes. When we have our pug meet ups there, we will go in the other section. Last time, a big dog kept chasing all the little ones and it wasn't good. We are going to talk to our cousin Noah about coming to the meet up. He's really shy though.
    You should check out the Ballentine Bark Park in Norfolk, too. Our mom helped build it and is very active in raising money for more amenities like water. But it's the only park in Norfolk that has designated small dog and big dog sections. It does not have water, like most of the parks in the area. We have to raise about $2000 to get water put in, so we are working on it.