Saturday, December 4, 2010

Soap Boogers!

 Okay Okay.. So I am not the Great Dane with the highest IQ on the planet but Soap Boggers are soooooo Yummy!

So this is what happens when I get involved with my mommy's bath time.. Supposidly bath times are for relaxing but ... I, Myself, have never had a relaxing bath, So I dont know what mom is talking about!!!

Can you see my soap boggies on my nose?
So this is what I always look like when I get into these awesome soap boggies! You can control the sent of Lavendar and vanilla?!?! I know I cant! Yummy!


  1. Yummy, soap boggies.
    This is not true. You are so clever.

    Nice woooh

  2. heeheehee! miss nova, i like soap boogers, too!! at my house, they are usually green tea 'n lemon flavored. :)

    the booker man