Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dancing, Parades, and Danes on my!

Hey everyone!!

So mommy (and I ) have been busy lately!

We are finally working on the Doggy Freestyle Started that Honey and her human showed us. If you havent seen it go down a couple blogs and you will see the video from Honey and her Human for the small freestyle dance!

Mommy took me to petsmart yesterday so I could suit up for the Christmas Parade on Sunday (Dec 5th). You will get to see it super soon. MOmmy is a little worried that everyone will call me a "he" because I wont be wearing pink... but I still get called a "he" everytime even when I am wearing pink.. dumb humans, im such a pretty GIRL!

Oh so in this picture I look super tiny.. Mommy just doesnt know how to show off my good sides! But she weighed me today and im 74 pounds!! Wow. I am still pretty lanky but will gain weight as I grow I guess!

I also got to play with the two full sixe danes that live across the circle from me! They heard we were going to the parade and they are actually going ot be in it too, so they came out to play! Their names are Loki and Leah. Loki is a dark Mis marked Merle (he looks like a darke blue male from far away but when you get close you can see the dark spots) and Leah is a rescue Harli. Loki is super huge (but his mommy says that Loki is not even big compared so some danes we will see at the parade!!) So yes they were super fun to play with!

Lastly, Mommy started a Virginia beach Great Dane Meet up Group. We will be doing our first meet up in early january so if you are near Va Beach or know someone please let them know!  I would love to play with a bunch of great danes!!! Here is the link: http://www.meetup.com/VABeachDaneLovers/ . We currently have 4 members including me. We have three coming to our first meet up because the fourth doesnt live in VA Beach yet!!!

Alright thanks so much for catching up with me again!!!



  1. Everybody calls Riley a "he" too. She has a boy's name though, so I guess it only makes sense. I'm glad you've started the meet-up group in VA Beach. I'm in Hampton, and Riley gets fear-aggressive with big dogs, so I don't think I can meet up with you anyway. :( If Riley wasn't such a weirdo, we could. Sigh. Have fun at the parade!!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Hi Nova - gosh, you HAVE been a busy girl! I can't wait to see your dancing routine!! I think it's amazing you're doing so much already at such a young age!

    And yes, I get called "he" ALL THE TIME - even when I'm wearing pink (one stupid man even asked my human why "why is HE wearing a pink bandana" - and my humans was like, "Er...becuase it's not a He - you idiot!" - honestly, people just seem to have it stuck in their brains that big dogs are all boys...

    That's great that you got to play with some other Danes! Shame you didn't get any photos! Talking of playdates, have you seen my latest post? Come over when you have a moment & check it out! I thought you'd enjoy the pictures - I had a great playdate with my new friend from training class on the beach!

    Honey the Great Dane