Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scary Santas, Snowy Days, Presents, and a Play Date!

Okay so the last couple days have been very eventful!


This past sunday I went to a picture with santa event that supported the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue, Sothern VA Chapter. We had so much fun but I got in big trouble. It was totally not my fault and mommy should have known! I HATED santa!

I jetted out of the PetsMart door into the parking lot... I was soooo sared because a BUNCH of people were running after me.. but ONLY mommy knows how to get me back.. and you know how mommy knows? OF COURSE, Honey's human taught me.. If mommy wants to get me back then all she has to do is run away from me and make funny noises.. So that is EXACTLY what she did (thank god we had tons of practice in the bark park before that day..) It was super scary and im sooo glad there is no more Santa!

Here is my HORRIBLE picture.. its the BEST one.

Okay so now that that embarrising moment is over on to more fun things!!!

I got to se a whole bunch of snow well no not a lot, but it ws my first snow so I thought it was a whole bunchies!

So how did you like that?! didnt it look like I had fun? I know I know it was only  couple seconds but I did some good zoomies off camera! Here ae a couple pictures!

I know it looks like I hated the snow.. but really I just hated standing still and not playing!!! URR dang ol mommy trying to take pictures!

Okay so Next.. (sorry this is a LONG Post!)

I got a Package from my gift exchange! OmB it was super excited!! My FIRST EVER package in the mail!

So thank you to my wonderful Doggie Bloggie friend who sent this to me!!! I had sooo muh fun that I even put a couple holes in the card :(... Mommy was not tooo happy about that but it was MINE right!?

Okay so LASTLY, I had an awesome Doggie Play Date with my new friend Apollo the Chocolate Lab... I know mommy is not that great with action shots but she was getting to know Apollo's mommy more. See Apollo's Mommy is also a "Navy Wife" and his daddy works on the same big shippie thing that my daddy works on.


  1. Hi Nova :) Lincoln and I are your newest, bestest friends.
    We just got your package! It made us super excited...We are about to blog about it.
    We haven't met Santa yet so I'm not sure if I would like him or not but I think your picture is pretty funny. I'm not sure I trust a man in a suit with a fake beard either. You might just be playing it safe.


    Minnie Moo

  2. hahaha Poor Nova. Santa can be scary. When we took Darwin to get a photo with Santa last year I was worried she was going to bark and him and be freaked out, but she didnt even care!
    Im glad your mommy has been working with you on your recall! It came in handy after being traumatized by Santa!

  3. Hey kid, we found you somehow. You are a cutey
    Benny & Lily

  4. Poor Nova being scared of Santa! Good thing you were able to get her back. Looks like Nova was enjoying the snow. Riley loves it too. It's supposed to snow again Thursday, yay! Cool looking presents!

    Elyse and Riley

  5. Hi Nova
    Seems that you had a lot of fun unpacking it.
    Is this your Holiday Gift Exchange from our Project on Sallys Blog?
    Nice woooh

  6. Oh Nova, don't worry about Santa he'll forgives you and brings you pressies anyway. He's the forgiving type. Plus, I would never have gotten that close, I'm a whimp.

    woof - Tucker

  7. Wow, Nova - what a fantastic post! Full of so many things...I don't know what to comment on first!!

    I know I shouldn't but I was really giggling at your Santa story! I'm glad your Recall practice helped but I have to say, I've never actually seen a 'real Santa' ever so I probably would have been freaking out too! Hee! Hee! :-)

    Oh - I LOVED your video! You are just such a pretty girl and especially those shots when you looked at the camera - what a gorgeous face! I like the way you raise one paw daintily off the ground when you're investigating something as well...And Hsin-Yi was very impressed with your human and how she was still doing fun trainings with you even in the dog park...we see so many people who just chuck their dogs in there and totally ignore them or expect other dogs to entertain their dogs for them!

    The snow looks so pretty! I have never seen snow and I don't think I ever will now in Sunny Australia!

    Honey the Great Dane