Sunday, December 19, 2010

Being part of MAGDRL (Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League)

And Oldie But Goodie
 So this picture is all the way back from Septebmer but it was cute and im not sure if I shared this with my bloggie doggie friends!

So anyways, on to the topic!

I took mommy over to PetsMart today because we were doing another SantaPaws event (remember that post from last week with santa and me running out into the parking lot) Yes, well I wanted to give it another shot.

No, I didnt gonear santa but I got to walk around the store with Mommy showing off all my cuteness! Mommy got to talk to people about Great Danes and how awesome it is to rescue a doggie like me! Yes, I know your saying.... "Nova your not even a rescue pup"... Mommy understands that but she says that she loves me so she would never want to change the fact that she got me from a breeder but that she didnt know about rescues and things before she got me. Mommy says that my next brother or sister will be a rescue Dane but that is a LONG time from now..

Anyways, the exciting part is that I was so well behaved last weekend and this weekened at the MAGDRL evens that they invited me to be a Great Dane ambassador for the Rescue! The really nice lady said that I was so well behaved that I was a good pup to show off how awesome Great Danes can be! So that was so fun and exciting because mommy always tells people how awesome I am but hasnt been able to tell you about people telling her how well behaved I am..

(on a side note I get really nice comments from people saying my temperment is great and she is so focused)

So we are so excited to be a part of a group where Nova can go out and strut her stuff!!


  1. Hey Nova - that's my job too! Except I go and show doggies how nice I can be to them and how much space I'd take up in peoples houses. Also, it's good to show those that want a great dane how big, slobbery, clumbsy, silly, scardy pants we can be - that's how some Dane's end up in Rescue in the first place. So, it's important to show people how good you can be and how naughty you can be. We don't want someone adopting a rescue pet and then returning them because they couldn't handle the bad stuff too. (Although we know there isn't really bad stuffs).

    woof - Tucker

  2. I'm not surprised you were picked to be ambassador, Nova! :-)

    I agree with Tucker, though - I think all too often, lots of people just think they like the idea of having a Great Dane and don't really understand what it's like to really live with one - and how much dedication & training is needed so that they turn out like you!

    Hsin-Yi always feels in a dilemma when we meet people outside and they love me and start saying they want Danes too. of course, she is very proud of me but she is worried that I'm giving people a false impression because you don't get well-behaved doggies like us without a LOT of work from our humans! And with Danes, we're so big and powerful, any normal doggie problem is magnified and becomes a really BIG problem and dangerous too sometimes. But most people just want a quick fix. So sometimes she feels like she ought to put people off getting Danes - especially the ones who obviously have no idea about dogs in general and obviously just want the fun without the work. It;s the same for all doggies but you can get away with doing less with a smaller doggie that you can just hang on to. A giant doggie that is out of control or under-socialised and possibly fear-aggressive is a terrible thing!

    But at the same time, of course, Hsin-Yi loves Danes and thinks we are the best doggies to have, if everything is done right...so she never knows what to say! If only everybody did the proper research and committed the time & patience, then it would be fine!

    Honey the Great Dane