Friday, December 10, 2010

I am 6 Months Old.. (and I have a beautiful new Collar!)

So this past week I turned 6 months old! I was Born on June 7th 2010 and I am growing up so fast (even though my mommy thinks im tiny!)

Anyways,this is a picture of me licking my lips right after my first bowl of Taste of the Wild.. Yes, my mommy finally picked out the right food for me after spending months and months of research time and time on the DOL forums.

Taste of the Wild is the most crunchiest food I have ever had so its super messy.. mommy might even start feeding me outside!
 So this is me with my FIRST Martingale style collar. Mommy gave me this for my 6 month birthday and she got it from a wonderful sweet lady that makes them and has a Dane of her very own.

Mommy is super picky about collars so Ximmy's mommy sent my mommy a message and told her to check out her collars.. so  mommy did and she fell in love with this red and black one.

If you want to get a Martingale Collar I would Suggest Ximmy's Mommy at Collar Craze. They are made out of he most amazing material and me and mommy absolutly love this collar! She also ships for free in the USA and the shipping is extremely fast. I was so shocked to get it only a couple days later and before the weekend!(Please let her know that I refered you if you ever purchase from her!)

(Click Banner to go to her website)

 Mommy just wanted to show you pups this lovely picture that she took of me yesterday. I was NOT into taking pictures last night but mommy insisted on taking pictures of me!

Mommy was working with the lights that we had in the house to try and get a great pictre of me... but im thinking ay picture of me is great! What do you think?

I think I look super Cute!

OH and lastly, Be looking out for 2 videos that mommy will be putting up. I learned a new trick and mommy wants to introuce herself!! so they will be up super soon!


  1. Happy 6th month birthday! I guess it's your half birthday. I love those pictures. The collar looks great!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. happy happy 6th monthiversary, miss nova! :)
    i love your new necklace...it's super spiffy, and red looks grrreat against your furs!!

    the booker man

  3. Happy 6th month birthday.
    The collar ist beautiful.
    Happy weekend.

    Nice woooh

  4. happy 6months nova!!! pretty collar!!!

  5. Ooh - Happy 6 Month Day, Nova! What a beautiful young lady you're growing into - those are gorgeous photos!

    Honey the Great Dane