Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My First Christmas Parade

Alright so im going to try and keep this mostly pictures so that you pups dont have to read much

BUT... On December 5th, 2010 I was i my first Christmas parade and and and... it was to help get the word out for the Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League (MAGDRL) here in Virginia. There were a total of 8 Great Danes that came and of course... I was the SMALLEST..

There were a couple more youngster pups but ill get to them in a second!

Mommy was super nervous that I was going to be absolutly horrible because I am so skiddish sometimes and I dont like kids.. (I run and hide if I see them).. Well once I saw all the other Great Danes letting those scared looking tiny people touch them I thought "What the Heck.. It cant be that bad, Right?" It was like I was a seasoned pro at letting kids touch me, although mommy didnt let any of the children touch me during the parade because about 50 hands came at us at a time. After the parade is when I got to socialize with these tiny people. They weren't as bad as I thought!  

In The Car waiting!

Okay so Mommy is such a worry bug and has to get to every event like 5 hours befoe it starts.. and of course she did it again.... BARK. I hate hate hated standing in the cold for 3 hours waiting for all the other danes to show up, but once they did I was completely into the whole groove of this parade.

Mommy saw a European Looking dane at the parade and said that she was super beautiful too... but sadly she left before the parade started and mommy didnt get a photo.. :(
Okay so on to the Danes.. Because I KNOW you want to see who I got to                     meet!                                      

Harmony (7 Months Fawn)
  Harmony is a 7 month old Fawn Female and Mommy fell IN LOVE with her. Mommy says that her next Big doggy will be a Fawn Dane, but that wont be for a very long time (but maybe we will get one down the road so I have another dane in the house to play with)

Harmony was super skiddish but look at her sporting that hat like a pro! Everyone thought she was super adorable, could you possibly be human if they didnt?

Nova- 6 Months
Oh Oh Oh this is when we get to talk about me again!

So you see the collor mommy made  me wear? This parade was a last minute thing so we just got the cutest one they had at pets mart.. But mommy will know for next year I need to be prepared with cuter looking collars for Christmas!

Leah: 3 year old Harliquin Female

This is Leah. Leah is a 3 year old Harliquin female who was rescued by her wonderful new parents. She was hit by a car and had surgery. She has also had puppies so she had to get fixed right after he leg was operated on. She has been through a whole lot and now enjoying her forever home with her brother dane Loki.

Loki: 4 Year old Mis

This is Loki, Leahs Sister. Loki is a very large (compared to me) mis marked Merle Dane. He is supppperrrrr sweet. leah and Loki are the two danes that live in the next building over from me where we live. Thir mommy works for a pet resort so they get to play a lot and do lots of fun events.

Loki is one of those normal dogs that is not good with leash greetings and great off leash playing in the park. His parents are super smart about doggie personalities and knows that this is a common and okay thing. (Read Honeys Blog to get the full understanding of the on leash greetings). I absolutly love talking to Leah and Loki's parents becasue we have a lot of the same views.


  1. Looks like fun! Glad you had a good time.

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Ooh - congrats on your first Christmas parade, Nova!! :-) Sounds like you had heaps of fun and were a grear ambassador for Danes and doggies in general too!

    Harmony is beautiful - of course, you know my human likes fawn Danes best - she likes our dark masks which she says gives us more expression. And she also prefers the European style Dane (that's what I am!) as we tend to have baggier faces with more jowls & wrinkles (she loves the wrinkles!) - although unfortunately, more drool too! - and are chunkier, with more "substance". People say that we can be shorter than American style Danes though - although I seem to be pretty tall for a girl by any standards! :-)

    Love all the pictures of the other Danes. That's so lucky that you have 2 Dane friends close by and that their human shares the same attitudes as yours (so important! Hsin-Yi has discovered that just because someone owns Danes doesn't mean she'll like them - a lot of Dane people don't share her views on training & socialisation & dogs in general!). That's why my best friends are usually not so dependent on breed and more on their owners!

    Honey the Great Dane