Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow! It has been so long since I have posted. I have been keepig up with everyone's bloggie though.

As most of you know I moved to a new home! It is completely wonderful but its taking up a lot of my time with mommy and daddy right now. We have so much stuff that needs to be put away into all these rooms that we have now.

The best thing is that I have so much room to run around. At my last home I didnt have a lot of space at all but we had a nice big dog park outside. Well here its the opposite. My inside place is large and big enough for me to run around and have fun but we dont have a dog park here. but but but.... we live RIGHT BY the beach! Mommy took me there today! SEE...

We had so much fun! Lots and lots of people already wanted to meet me. I dont know if it was becaus I am a Dane or that My sissy and I look funny standing beside each other. We even had a photographer lady that wanted to take pictures of me and sissy so mommy let her. The lady said that the size difference is already completly amazing and she had to get some pictures of it... Well she hasnt seen anything yet, how has she!? Maybe she will see us again in a year when im a little taller!

After we were done walking ont he boardwalk Mommy let me play in the sand and I had SOOOOO much fun! Now, story about sand... Mommy always thought that I didnt like sand and that i was scare of it but in all honesty... I LOVE THAT STUFF!!!

I even went up to the water. I was a little scared but not that bad. Mommy is so excited that I took it well because she was so scared that she would never be able to bring me to the beach because I was a little wuss the last time we went...

Oh and mommy found out that I need a LOT of work on heeling and not pulling in public. I have become quite the teenager and I dont really care what mommy is doing while we are walking. But thank goodness weare starting doggy classes soon!

Lastly, mommy got a good picture taking thinggy for christmas so she took some shots of me.. arent they great?!

You see the boxes to the left?!?

oh oh oh.. And this picture is a *hint* to one of the new tricks that I can do! Can you guess what the trick is?!

Mommy making me wait for a cookie!


  1. Happee New Year and good luck in your new home
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh living by the beach would be so much fun.. Enjoy your new home..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie