Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Daddy left me... and I had another fun weekend with more Danes!

Well to start... My Daddy left me! He has been gone for like ever ( Jan 13,2011) and mommy says he is on this huge floaty thing on the ocean for a long long time. She says that we cant give him huggies or kissies for a long time and mommy cries about it. So I have to keep her happy with a bunch of huggies and kissies myself. My sissys teagan is really sad and she just sits on the top of the couchy do all the time since daddy has been gone. Daddy and sissy are very close so its understandable.

While daddy is away mommy is doing lots and lots of fun things with me to keep ME and her busy!

1st: I started obedience training. We have learned sit, stand, heel, come, and down. Mommy is getting used to the way the lady teaches the class but its fun to see all the other pups there learning. I hate that I cant play with them... OH, and mommy sucks, she makes all the doggies stay away from me while training.. There is this rotty that his human doesnt pay attention and lets him wonder right over to me and mommy gets MAD! Oh Oh OH, the trainer even said that I had GREAT potential but Mommy actually needs to work on her handling and then i could be a great catch in the training/obedience world. WOhooo!

2nd: Mommy has been taking me to these events with lots and lots of Great Dane pups and dogs. The last one there were 13, yes 13 great danes!! Arent you all jealous?! See mommy hosts the Meetup.com group for VA Beach Great Danes and there are already 20 members and some have two or even three Danes that come out and play! So that is why I have been away so long, I have been playing!

Well mommy is starting to work (not at the house anymore) soon and she is also going to be going to school (and she wants to graduate with honors) so she doesnt know how much she will be on here between school, work, and daddy being gone (so that means she does all the work that she used to only do half of because he was here!).. but she will super try to stay up on my bloggy.

OHHHhhHHH... one of the biggest newsies ever! Mommy isnt putting me in my crate anymore! She lets me control the living room area while she is away and when she comes home I havent messed up anything! (she thinks I mostly lay there on my comfy bed while she is gone... which is totally right!) So I dont have to be locked up in my crate anymore!! woohoo!

Well that is all for now Sorry about the long update!! Enjoy a couple pictures from the past meetups below!

Playing Tug Tug with My friend Apollo

Spreading my wings at a large dog park In
Chesapeake Virginia (1-16-11)

Large GD meetup in Norfolk, Virginia

Drinking out of the bird bath on 1-29-11

Mommy says I look like Dobby from Harry Potter.
Is it true?
Spreading my wings at a small dog park in Norfolk, VA


  1. Oh my goodness, Nova does look like Dobby from Harry Potter in that one picture! It's all in the ears.

    Sounds like you have been very busy. Did y'all move to your new apartment yet? Looks like the meet ups have been lots of fun!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Hope Daddy gets home soon. You should have hid his boots. Good luck at obedience training
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh Nova! My goodness you have been busy!

    First - I am sending some huggies & slobbers to your Mommy too - we are so sorry to hear that she has been lonely and crying and we hope your Daddy will be back soon.

    Also, we think she is too hard on herself - Hsin-Yi thinks she is a WONDERFUL trainer & handler and that she mustn't let nasty comments bring her down. Sometimes these obedience places can be a bit "blunt"! :-) Besides, Hsin-Yi says it;s just learnign to have enough confidence to keep training & handling your own dog your own way, if you don't agree with others - she had a very hard time learnign this too and when I was younger, she drove herself crazy trying to please everybody and follow what they all said- but they all said different things! I think your Mommy is right to keep other doggies away (especially badly behaved ones) from you during class: class is for learning to focus & concentrate in the face of distractions and learnign self-control - which you will never do if you get to jump around with every doggie there. It's not like you don't get socialisation at other times - you get TONS of playdates! :-)

    Loved those pictures - but i have to agree, that one of you with the funny ears DOES look a lot like Dobby - hee! Hee!

    Gosh, it sounds like your Mommy is going to have a lot on her plate but I do hope she'll manage to squeeze out some time to keep helping you with your blog (and coming to visit!) as I'll really miss you otherwise!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Great pictures!
    You look sooo pretty!

  5. hihi miss nova!

    it's a bummer to have your daddy away for so long. pretty please keep givin' your mama the mega kissies 'n snuggles, okie dokie? it helps make the time go by more fast like.
    it sounds like you are doin' super awesome at your obedience classes! you know, i always wanted to play with the other doggies at my classes, too, and my mama kept them away, too. boohoo. but i guess it's good cuz it really helps you stay on top of your mentals without any distractions. :)
    oh, and i think you look like dobby from HP in that one picture, too! we love dobby at my house...mama was so so sad when he had to go to the bridge in the latest HP movie. :(

    the booker man

  6. Omg Nova ! You do look a lot like Dobby and this is so funny because my humans always call me Dobby too ! I'll show you some pictures :-)