Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 1st Ever Virgina Beach Great Dane Meetup!

Hey doggie bloggers! Thanks for coming to check out my bloggy again!I have been super busy lately and wanted to share awhole bunch of pictures of my fun weekend with a whole bunch of other great Great Danes!

 We Spent Sunday playing with a bunch of Great Danes because mommy put this great group called The VA Beach Great Dane Meetup Group. You should check us out if you are near us and come out and play!

But before everyone got there we were able to take some great pictures thanks to Mommy's new camera and the PETA dog park! You should check their park out as well!

I was having so much fun smelling stuff that smelled so good that even had to lick my lips! Its been two weeks since I have been able to really run off leash and smell all the doggie goodies on the bushes!
 The park also had this ledge and ramp for all the dogs that wanted to jump in the water. Well it was way to cold and you couldnt get me in that water if you threw a 10 pound floating steak in there! But is sure made for good pictures.
Can you see how tall I am getting? Mommy still thinks im pretty small but I seem to be in the "Standard Range" still.
So the meetup last about an hour and a half and went so well! We played for a long time and although me and another dane ran into each other once and I cried, the meetup was so fun. I got to play with all kinds of squeeky toys that mom brought and I played keep away from some of th other pups!

So this is Galelio. He is a 2 year old Dane and he happen to be the biggest dane at the meetup. Doesnt he jsut look like a big ol' sweet heart!? He followed mommy around while she was taking pictures and then when mommy would snap a picture of him he would throw is ears back!

So these are sisters (just in the same family not blood) The tan female is Stormy and the Blue Female is Sierra. Seirra is 1.5 years (I believe) and Stormy is 1 year old. Stormy is extremely tall as you can tell next to her sissy.
This is Loki. He is the Fawn Male that was also at the MAGDRL meet an Greet. He is only 8 months and one of the tallest danes there. Mommy fell in love with him but I told her I am still the center of attention and she cant bring home a Fawn Male just yet!
Here is Loki again. Can you still see that big ol' puppy face on him!? Mommy says that she thinks fawns are the ones you can really tell their age especially when they are young because of their blag mask and just puppy features. Can anyone else tell that too?
This is Seirra running around having fun! This is what we were ALL doing!
And this is Apache again. I talked about him in my last Blog about the MAGDRL meet up. He came out and met everyone that day too. Apache is 7 months old and a seet boy with a ton of energy!


  1. Such good looking Dane friend's you have Nova! Galileo looks like a merle Darwin! So cute!

  2. What a great day... Whats better than playing with your long lost cousins
    Benny & Lily

  3. Nice photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  4. Wow, Nova - I can't believe how much you've grown in these pictures! You're a real young lady now!

    And yeah - us Fawns do show much more change in our faces coz our black masks start to go grey really early (I started at 2!). Also, my human thinks that our black masks give our faces more expression - that's why she likes us Fawns best! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane