Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mommy Enjoying The Puppy Love

Okay everyone! Don't laugh at my mommy. I know she can look like a crazy goon some days but I promise she is a good mommy!

So since its the day for meeting my family I am introducing you to Mommy as well. She is the one in that super bright shirt that doesnt walk on all four of her legs... She actually only has two legs!! The other two things (she says they are arms) spend a lot of time handing me yummy treats! (well and here you can see her giving "loves" and "snugglies".

Well this is most of my family! Next week you all will get to meet my Daddy! Mommy told me today that "He is coming home a day early" which im not too sure what that means but Mommy is super excited. I just wag my tail so she thinks I understand what is going on!

Til' next time.. Woof!

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