Saturday, September 18, 2010

That Dog looked like my Mommy!

This is me "waiting". Mommy makes me do this A LOT but is keeps me
safe.. she says.

Haha! So yesterday during Doggie Bark Park time I saw a doggie that is as big as my Doggie Mommy! Wow she was huge just like my Dog Mom! She looked like a really big Dalmation, mommy said that is a "Harlequin Great Dane". She lives right across the street from us and she has a brother that is a Blue Dane. Mommy said she knew they lived right there but the owner doesnt bring them out to play with all the smaller dogs in the Bark Park.. Which makes me sad. We hope we see her again because Mommy totally forgot the camera! I went right up to Leah, that is the Harlequin Dane, and we sniffed noses. Then she went over to My Mommy and leaned her head against mommy's leg like she knew that mommy loves Great Danes. She is a really sweet Dane! So sorry I dont have pictures but if we get to play with them again we will take pictures!

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