Monday, September 13, 2010

I am way to cute for words!

On my Back Porch! Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, and I live in a small
apartment so we spend hours outside throughout the day

So today has been better and I havent been acting "Sickie" today. Mommy gave me a d-wormer from the pet store yesterday and I seem to be doing better. Mommy plans to keep up with my d-worming since the vet was not helping her at all! Oh and she told me that I have to go get some shots soon!! Ekk! a Rabies shot... I am not looking forward to that!

Here is a picture of Sissy trying to play with me. I just bat her with my huge paws and she just tries to bite my lip! Mommy yells at her when she does that but I have learned how to grab her collar with my mouth and I get in BIG trouble for that..

Lastly, here is a close up that Mommy took of me! People have been telling me and Mommy that I have a brownish tent to me.. and mommy didnt believe them until she saw this picture today. What do you all think?

Oh I forgot! Just as a side note for everyone! For all the products that Mommy has me on or lets me use they are on the "Dog Product" page. If its food I have included the ingredients to show you all what I eat and then reviews for what me and Mommy think of all the food, treats, toys, and other things that I have used. I hope you all enjoy that section of my blog!


  1. She is so cute. Her face is just the way I like em. I like the slender, tighter skin, more athletic look to a dane. I mean the droopy ones are cute too but that is my preference.

  2. This may be a dumb question but with her having some issues I though I might ask if she is she on heartgard?

  3. Sally; Awwww she is so adorable! Definitely looking more like a Dane.

  4. Cute blog, cute puppy!! Thanks for stopping by Alfie's World, Nova! :-) Alf says not to worry about those shots...the vet will give you a nice treat (if she doesn't make sure your momma does!)

  5. Yes,Nova, you do look like me :) But I don't look brownish as you do... but you sure are cute!