Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have been so busy!

I really have been! Mommy has taken me on so many adventures lately! I am now sitting beside Mom in my own house again. If you all don't know.. Mommy got me on a Sunday and we left on this really really long car ride to my GG's house (that is my grandma) and we were there for a really long time (4 weeks) and then before we came back to my home we went outside for a long time and slept in this portable house thingy (Mom says its a camper and that we were "camping"). So after camping I got to ride in the car again a very long way just to find out we came back to this house I was in!

Shwew! I had a really really good time but I am so calm now that im in my own home again. So I want this to be a short bloggy day so I will be back tomorrow to tell you about some of my adventures! Until then check out these B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL pictures of moi!

Sissy's foot next to mine!
This is me at almost 13 weeks old. I am still gaining weight and making up for when I was sicky!

I LOVE camping!


  1. Thank you for following my blog. What a cute little dane you have with a great name to go with her. They grow soooo fast, so be sure to take a photo at least every week. I know I wish I did. Is she your first Great Dane?

  2. ahh! very sweet little blog you have here Nova--and you are the loveliest great dane pup! we love camping too! can't wait to read all about it!