Friday, September 10, 2010

Daddy is home!

At Great Grandma's house introducing myself to a wind chime!
So Daddy is home! I have been so so busy getting to know my PaPa bear. Mommy said he was away on this thing called a "ship" because he is in the U.S. Navy. Mommy sometimes gets sad when he is gone so she has been in a great mood, which is good for me, since daddy has been home! I have also been socializing so much. There is this park right out side our door called "The Bark Park" and lots and lots of dogs come out to play in the evening time before bed. Mom said its really good for me to meet lots of pups when im young. I will have pictures of me playing with them soon but mom keeps forgetting the camera! But dont worry, we play EVER DAY so one of these days she wont forget the camera. So, when I am away from my blog I am getting to know daddy. Mommy seems to be teaching him how to care for me and how to train me.. which I dont much care for, so we are super busy!

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