Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Sickie... Again!

Well today I have some good news and bad news.. which one do you want first?

Okay the good news!
- Today Mommy thinks that I finally caught on to going to the door to tell her I need to go potty. (Mommy never taught me to do this; it was just an instinct that I had because I know when I leave that door I get to go potty) So mommy was so so proud of me.

Now for the bad news...
- When I got outside I pooed out lots and lots of roung worms... Which means my deworming did NOT work and mommy is super upset. Not at me, she just gets really upset and stressed when I am sick. So Mommy said tomorrow we have to call the vet and see if I can go get some medicine (again). She said is really angry at the vet because they should have done more when I was sick the first time. The first time I was really sick with worms. The worms got into my lungs so I was throwing up and not eating so it scared mommy really really bad.
Now mom has noticed that in the last couple days I look super skinny again (like the first time I was sick) but she thought it was due to a growth spurt... Boy, was she wrong. When she went to feed me this morning I didnt even want to eat! can you believe that? So once I went outside and mom saw all the worms she put all the signs together... So I had to take some pill that is supposed to help kill them but I still need to go to the vet...


  1. Poor baby i hope she gets them yucky worms all straightned out!!! Sophie had hookworm a couple of weeks ago....so far so good!!!

    So proud of you Nova for going to the door!! That is a good girl!! Has Mommy ever thought of putting the bells on the door to train you that way??? Sophie now has the hang of it... she goes and rings them to let us know she has to go potty! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Our friend did it with thier mastiff and she does great with it also I researched it before we started!!!

  2. Actually we wanted to start doing the bell thing. I watch so many videos and research so much stuff and I think we want to do that as well.

    nova has a youtube that shows off all her tricks!