Friday, September 24, 2010

I had a BAD DAY (Please read! Need a little advice!)

This was last week but we loved it so much that we got mommy to pick this one!
I know, I know Fridays are supposed to be the best day of the week but this Friday was not good and mommy was not happy with me today!
First I had a really bad night in my crate. I woke mommy up twice and she has been getting no sleep already so she was really upset with me. She ended up coming out and sleeping on the sofa so that I would stop crying and go back to sleep. So we woke up at 8am like always and I got to play in the bark park for a little while.
Later on mommy had to clean the house so she had to put the baby gate up in the living room and I didnt like that either!! I cried and cried and cried and cried.. Even though I had all my toys, my bed, and my crate... So mommy tried to do some training with me to get me to like the living room by myself but it didnt work. So I stressed out mommy with that too.
Later on that night we went to the Bark Park to hang out with all my buddies and I wouldnt stop eating sticks, licking dirt, and sticking my nose in poo... and mommy gets really mad because she calls my name I dont look at her at all...
Lastly.. (hopefully)... I usually go to the door and let mommy know that I have to peepee or booboo but tonight I just went to the door and peed (even though I had just gone out and peed 2 hours earlier!)

So as you can tell I had a really bad day and mommy was not happy with me at all. Something you should know about mommy, she is NOT the most patient person but she has gotten really good with her patience since I came into her life. BUT when I have days like this mommy just doesnt know what to do or how to not be soooo angry!

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!


  1. What is your email address? I can send you an email.

  2. Hey it is Novathedane@yahoo.com

  3. Nova, we all have bad days like that! Just this morning, Miss Lilibell, instead of peeing on the pad like she's supposed to, instead walked right on by the pee pad and decided to pee on Dad's shorts that were on the floor!! Dad was not happy with her at all, BOL! Butt see, you have an excuse, you're still a puppy and still learning!

    Waggles, Chewy