Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuffie Presents!

Teagan excepting a present!

Nova excepting her gift and showing her old retired stuffy!

Hey everyone! So mommy has had some weird stuff going on lately. First we recieved a gift and it was an awesome christmas tree orniment and soon after we found out mommy's Aunty sent this to us!! (How sweet right?!!?)
Well I bring that up because it seems someone sent us what looks to be like a Halloween gift. We got a small and a large log doggy mummy!! They are super squeeky and super amazing!! These are absolutly our favorite toys!

I dont know who to thank for these or where they came from.. but I wanted to say thank you and I hope that we will find who gave these to us so we can thank them personally!! 

So Me and little sissy got wonderful stuffie halloween gifts and we are very happy and thankful!!


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