Monday, October 25, 2010

Learning New trick AND Meet my boyfriend "Patton"

Hey Everyone!! I have so much to update you all on but for tonight im going to leave it to TWO pictures and a VIDEO! So this is Patton my Viszla boyfriend... Yes yes I know I am bigger than him!! but still I love him and he is my best friend. He is only 1.5 months older than me so we get along so well. I dont think he understand why im getting so much bigger than him so fast though! Anyways. We love to go to the bark park together and also go on long walks in new and fun places!!

Secondly... I randomly did a cool trick for mommy today and supposidly its something that she actually wants me to do so shekept teaching me and now I know how to "kind of" pivot from "front" to "heel" positions. And mommy and I swear that I was doing this trick perfectly until she turned on the camera.. but near the end I get really good again. Mommy was so happy with me that she started tearing up!! I seem to learn tricks and obedience quickly so she is super proud! Anyways here is the video!


  1. They have to be the cutest pair ever. Love all the tricks. Nova is doing such a wonderful job with her healing! Way to go! Teagan I love your tricks also.
    Your Friends

  2. Oh Nova! I am just continually AMAZED by you! Hsin-Yi just cannot believe all the things you can do already - and you're only still a pup! Your human must be an incredible trainer! And I think you are going to make the most amazing dancing doggie when you grow up, if you decide to do that - which I really hope you will! Hsin-Yi says it would be lovely to have another Great Dane "take up my mantle" when I go - and so far, you are the most promising Dane we've seen! If you can do all this now - what are you going to be doing when you're all grown up? WOw!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. my humans has FINALLY finished your Ask Honey post - it's up on my blog now!

  3. miss nova,
    your boyfriend patton is very handsome like, and i think ya'll totally make a cutesies couple! :)
    you know what? i think your IQ must be like 50 gazillion cuz you are soooo smart with all the commands that you already know!!

    the booker man