Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun stuff, Great Info, and New Challanges

Great Dane Books that Mommy picked up! (she is reading them
because they are all about me!!)

Two Different Dog Trick Books.

Some great little things my mom got at the book store!!

My second tooth (that Mommy has seen... this is why I have been sucha  brat!)
 Well everyone! I am trying to update more often so im sorry that I havent done a Wordless Wednesday in a couple weeks! Like I said, mommy is getting used to her new schedule (even though she is sitting in front o a computer all day)

So Mommy and I have decided what we are going to start working on!! soooo many things! so pay attention to the list below!!

List of things we are working on/have in que to work on next!


So Mommy wants to complete something together and we are going to do some basic and intermediate training and go for the Canine Good Citizen. If anyone or any pup has good info about the training for this please let me know!!!

We will also be working on the SMALL routine that Honey is showing us at the end of the video.. and when we are ready we will show everyone on here!!

http://www.dmantugs.com.au/challenges.htm- Next is the Slow Dane Challanges! We are not
following along with the current challanges right now because we would like to start slow and at the beginning! If any other danes would like to join in click on the link! They actually do challanges that you submit a video for and then
they judge!

I KNOW I KNOW yall are all saying that this is so much for a little puppy like me! BUT, its not like im going to be learning all these things in a day.. or even a month!! but I will be stimulating my mind many times throughout the day since mommy cant walk me or take me to the dog park until after she is done with her class each day!!

Along with these tricks we will work on tricks that are in the books that mommy just picked up! But for now we are working on the first Dane challange which is heel pivoting! I am on my 5th session and doing great with pivoting but need work on heel pivoting.. I just LOVE to be in front of mommy instead of beside her!!


I DO NOT own rights to this photo. Please visit http://bighoneydog.com/2010/10/bellabook-possum/
to see Honey's page! 

Honey the Dane and Hsin-Yi have been suppperrrr busy working the on the new Ask Honey about Recall methods. So go check it out because its completely amazing!
I was reading this and watching the videos and am just in Aww at how much she is helping Nova with her obedience!

I have to admit we started fun games like I just start running and she chases me. (she absolutly loves that!!) Then I tried the "non real life" and made her sit/stay and I went to hide.. and I said "COME" and nothing... so I peaked around the corner and she was just staring at me and sitting very properly... Guys, you ask why she didnt come?? I have an answer for you... I Taught her Sit (and that means sit until I say RELEASE.. so I do NOT use the word stay.. its just automatic with a sit) so it seems I have hide, then say "release" and then say "come"!! haha. Nova is such a smarty!

So we will start working with the long lead and going to a boring place and not the Dog Park like I have been!
and Honey, I will have a video of me showing my recal off as I get better and better!


  1. Hmm.. I'll never try for CGC, cause I believe Umbrellas may be involved.

    I'm against scary objects and I share my opinion by barking and running away.

    woof - Tucker

  2. We love penguins too! (In fact, I have those bookmarks.)

    You might like this old penguin post at my blog: http://istillwantmorepuppies.blogspot.com/2010/07/today-bird-really-is-word.html

  3. Gosh, you've gotta stop mentioning me so much on your blog - you're embarrassing me! :-)

    Thank you for all your kind words - we're really pleased you find all the info helpful.

    Hsin-Yi just wanted to say that you can solve that Sit & Come problem by teaching us doggies the "Wait" command instead of "Stay". Wait is very important too and very useful. My humans use it all the time with me - like at the curbside or before giving me permission for my dinner (it'a also really useful for taking photos with yummies before I am allowed to eat them!). Wait means "pause and wait until my next command" - and so if Hsin-Yi needs to call me out of a any position, eg, Sit Stay or Down Stay -she always says "Sit" - "Wait" - rather than "Sit" - "Stay". This way I understand the difference and she isn't ruining my Stays either - but it means she doesn't have to give me my release word (which would ruin the game if she was trying to stay hidden!). Anyway, hope that helps!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. miss nova,
    your mama picked up some awesome loots at the store! where are the treatsies, though?? with all those trainin' books, you should stock up on extras. heehee.
    you sure are workin' on lots 'n lots of stuff, but since you are so full of the smartness, i bet you'll have everythingie 100% perfect very speedy gonzales like. :)

    the booker man

  5. Hey NOva - just to let you know that Hsin-Yi answered your "extra question" about GD puppies in the comments of that Recall post - and someone else with experience of GD pups also added their comments too - so in case you didn't see it, you can pop back to look at it.

    Honey the Great Dane