Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long time no Bark!!

Hey Everyone.. Its me NOVA.. I just really wanted to show off a picture of my sissy, Teagan, today!! Isnt she a super cute pup? Where ever we go she still gets all the attention because everyone cannot stand but love little tiny tiny dogs. Mommy tells me she still has never seen a Chi smaller than my sissy and I havent either! People are suprised to know that she is almost two years old and so small!!

But anyways.. more about me! Life has been calming down since all of my friend's humans are back to work and in school and things.. So mommy and I get to go on lots of long walks alone and we have to do a lot of stopping and going.. she says its something im doing and so she makes me stop.. have any of you other pups heard of the word "pulling"? I am trying to figure out what that is.. but everytime I do it mommy makes me stop and then when I gain focus we get to start walking again. Mommy has been doing so much better with me because she has realized that I cant know everything and get everything the first try (especially walking with all these cool things aroudn!!) I am sure she always know this but she just needed to get a handle on it!

So, yesterday I saw these little tiny humans and I absolutly hated it! do you know what im talking about pups?? CHILDREN... Mommy knows that I need to meet a lot of people and see knew things but mommy doesnt know a lot of these children people.. I dont know what makes them so different but I dont like them much. Im super shy around them and I freeze up and just chill out beside mommy (even in the bark park with all my puppy friends). Mommy needs a little help you guys, so if you have any advice for her on how she can get me to like these little tiny people.. please let her know all about it! She knows that she cant force me to like them and that she shouldnt reasure me when im so scared but she needs help! She has tried letting the children feed me treats and by the second time they fed me treats I wouldnt even take them I was so scared!!

So lastly, (since this is so long) The Bark in the Park event was put off due to rain and it will be on Oct 24th! So thank goodness mommy is still going to take me.. but she wont be able to take Teagan ( sad face) because she cannot handle us both without daddy here. (Daddy is on a huge ship sailing around the ocean doing his job with the Navy) So... mommy is super upset about it.. but she does feel like I need the socialization and it will get me some major exercise.

So that is all for today. I am still hasseling mommy to put up more videos of me on here! So Sorry she hasnt done that yet!

(oh and PS... Check out the "About Nova" Page to see my growth!! im almost 18 weeks!!)


  1. Nova. You're getting so big and are so beautiful!!!! My mom always tells Lala stop when we go on walks because she too is a puller! BOL! We salute your dad for all the great work he and all the other brave soldiers do!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  2. hey miss nova!
    your big sis miss teagan is super cutesies 'n tiny for sures!
    now about the hooman pups...they are really grrreat and nothin' to be scared of! i have the opposite problem that you have...i get so excited that i want to jump, and mama says that's a big no no with the little ones. anywho, is it maybe scary to you cuz the hooman pups group up around you? maybe if you just have one two legger come up to you and give you treatsies and spend a few seconds with you, and then that's all? then you can work up to more time with one two legger, and then even add another two legger when you are ready? i know you can do it with some time 'n practice. :)
    oh, and i'm sorry your bark to the park had to get postponed, but i promise it's way more fun like when the sunshinies are out cuz more doggies come than when it's rainy.

    the booker man

  3. Not sure about the anal glands...I'll ask tomorrow and let you know!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. Hi Nova and your little "big" sister.

    Thanks for visiting our blog and saying hello! Wow, we haven't met too many VA doggies that blog. Have you met Southern Fried Pugs yet at http://southernfriedpugs.blogspot.com? They live somewhere down your way. We will certainly be checking in with your blog and will let you know if we hear of anything exciting happening in your area.

    I was afraid of kids, too. When grandchildren started arriving at my house, I then learned to not be afraid. They are 3 and 1 now, so it started with them being babies first and I guess seeing and smelling them often and being very little helped me. But they are very scarry!!!! Just being around kids of all sizes and being around them alot helped me. Good luck with that!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack