Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh Me Barks... I am so sorry.. MIA!

Hey everypup!! O-Me-Barks! Dont be mad at me be mad at my mommy for not helping me out and telling you all about my crazy adventures lately!! Mommy has been so so busy with her new job.. and she really shouldnt have an excuse because she works at home. She asked me to just bare with her because its new to her so she will get back on all this doggy bloggin!!! I am so happy that she is helping me out tonight...

Unfortunitely since mommy has been so busy you pups havent missed much in my life.. Although I did get this new HUGEEE bed just for ME and its amazing and I spend most of my day being super lazy when im in the house!

I have lost many many many of my teeth and it hurt so much when they came out. It would always happen when I was chewing on my toys and mommy would hear a POP and there came a loose tooth! but my mouth has stopped acting up for a bit and no toothies and hurties have been happening in a long while!

OH oh oh, I HATEDDD getting my nails clipped but mommy finally buckled down and clicker trained me to do my nails and now they are so much better, and guess what pups.. its not even that scary its like going to a salon and getting a pedi but its personalized with mommy giving me lots of treats!!

I have gotten used to my crate almost 100% now.. Mommy and Daddy still here me sometimes when they are coming back into the house and they are wondering what im fussing about but I am just a little lonely when they are gone!

OH and HUGE news!! Mommy and Daddy got us a new house today.. (its really an apartment) but its HUGE.. and partly just because of MOI! haha. I cant wait to go rule the town in out new place! and and and.. you want to know the exciting part?!?! there is a Harli there!! I cant wait to play with another Dane! Mommy said we are going to be living right next to them and that he is really sweet.

OH but it just gets even better... There is a huage park on a hill in VA Beach callled Mount Trashmore and its supposed to be super pet friendly.. so we will see. Mom says its really nice and close to the house and that I will be able to meet lots of new pups as long as they are nice and well behaved.

Okay so that is all for now! I will see everyone sooner.. rather than later!


  1. Trashmore - that don't sound very clean.

    Anyway congrats on your MOmmy's new job and try the frozen sock thingy for your toofers (or lack of)

    Sock tied in knot, soak in water, freeze.

    woof - Tucker

  2. Hi Nova - great to catch up on your news! Don't worry - I've got one of those busy humans at the moment too - that's why I'm so late catching up with my blog friends!! :-)

    Congrats on your new home - can't wait to hear all about it!

    How funny to hear about your teeth. Do you know, I never seemed to go through a teething period at all! I never chewed or anything and my humans never saw any teeth falling out...the only sign was my ears going a bit funny - sometimes my humans wonder if I just never lost my baby teeth - hee! hee!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Somehow I missed this post... Yeah, Mt. Trashmore is pet friendly. It's good exercise running up and down the hill too. Glad to hear your Mom gets to work from home and can spend a little bit of time with you. Great news about the Dane at the new apartment complex!

    Elyse and Riley