Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Early Holidays!!

Well its about to be Holiday time and mommy is informing me that that is when times get super busy for everyone!! (Even for me!!)

So I have a lot going on (supposidly) and mom says she needs to by me my own calenar book!

I have two events going on right now:

Dec 5 2010: I am going to be in my very first Parade! Its called a Christmas parade but as you all know I have neve even heard of this word yet so I guess I will see what that is soon! I am going to be walking with a bunch more Great Danes to promote how awesome rescuing a dane would be because we are awesome dogs! (I Know I know.. I was not a rescue but we can still help out our rescue friends!)

Dec 12 2010: I am going to meet a whole bunch of Great Danes in Richmond, Va! This also has to do with the same rescue that we are hanging out with at the parade except this is all PLAY and no WORK!! yay. Hopefully I wont be the SMALLEST there... but mommy says I probably will be.

As for "ringing in the new year" I will be starting my first obedience class in January or February because its close to where we will be moving! Mommy wanted to wait beause there are not a lot of places around where we live except for petsmart and she would rather do some training in a little more professional atmosphere. Also, the training club that we are going to join leads up to Good Citzen and you all know that is going to be in my future! So we are so excited about what is to come when we start out the new year.

Anyways, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (and those not as lucky to celebrate it in other countries... beg your humans for some turkey!!) Christmas is right around the corner and I cant wait for that silly thing with all the lights on it to be in MY HOUSE.. so I can play with it (that will give someone for mom to do!!)

Till next time,


  1. I was just wondering if you two were doing alright since I hadn't seen a blog post in a while. Sounds like you'll be having some fun with those other Danes!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Wow, Nova - you DO sound very busy! How exciting to be involved in a parade - I did one once too - I dressed up as a lion, with a mane, and all the little human pups thought I was a real lion - ha! ha!

    And I can't wait to hear all about your obedience class! That's fantastic that you're going to do the CGC - you know I'm waiting for you to fill my pawprints as the next 'dancing Dane'!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Sounds like a busy time. I think you are more in need of a personal assistant then a calendar book. Have a great time in the parade and have a great thanksgiving.